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Zion Lutheran Church
39 Bonnie Brae Rd., Pikeland Township , Chester County
Spring City, Pennsylvania 19475

OHS Database ID 1230.

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This organ received OHS Citation number 203.

OHS Convention Organ, 2016.

Status and Condition

The organ has been restored to a previous state.
The condition of the organ is in not known or has not been reported to the Database.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition March 28, 2012.

Technical Details

Slider chests. Mechanical key action. Mechanical stop action.

One manual. 6 stops. 6 ranks.


  • Status Note: There 1998 (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)
  • Relocated to rear gallery of new building in 1861, then in 1901 to main floor. Moved again to rear gallery in 1972. Altered. Restored 1998 by Patrick Murphy. (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)
  • Updated through online information from T. Daniel Hancock. -- Restored by Patrick J. Murphy in 1998. (Database Manager. March 28, 2012)

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  • Brunner, Raymond J.. That Ingenious Business. (Birdsboro, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania German Society, 1990), 87 [0]

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    Organ Case. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2015-02-15

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    • "David Tannenberg, Organbuilder" website
      Zion Lutheran Church
      Spring City, Pennsylvania
      David Tannenberg, 1791
      OHS ID 1230
      8	Gedackt      51w
      8	Dulciana     51w&m
      4	Octav        51m
      4	Hohlflote    51m
      3	Quinte       51m
      2	Super Octav  51m
      Upon removing the 200 year old bellows leather, an interesting discovery was made. 
      The internal ribs were sized with perfectly preserved newspapers from 1791. 
      The newspapers, which document both local and national events, were retained in 
      the bellows after the restoration. In addition to the careful leathering of the 
      bellows and the reconstruction of the original hand pump winding system, a new 
      modern blower was installed. Hand-planed eastern white pine windtrunks were 
      produced to convey wind to  the bellows. These woodworking additions were installed 
      without any physical intrusion, alteration, or permanent attachment to the original 
      wind system.  The R.J. Brunner firm from Lancaster, PA was responsible for the 
      restoration of the windchest and reproduction of a period-style keyboard. This 
      keyboard with ebony naturals and walnut sharps was modeled after the 1802 Tannenburg 
      located in Madison, Virginia. The original pine casework has been restored to its 
      splendid white appearance through careful sanding and repainting. New hand-planed 
      eastern white pine was used in order to reproduce the missing back case panels. The 
      restoration also consisted of removing previous alterations such as the 1861 8' Open 
      Diapason which has been reverted to its original 3' Quinte stop. The noted firm of 
      Taylor and Boody provided the 19 reproduction treble pipes to replace those that were 
      discarded during the previous alteration. 
      The entire keyaction and pipework were restored under the direction of PJM Associate 
      Richard Hamar. . When the organ was reinstalled at Zion Lutheran Church this past 
      October, Richard Hamar and Patrick J. Murphy combined forces for the tuning and 
      regulation of this instrument.	
       [Received from T. Daniel Hancock 2012-03-28.]
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