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Atlantic City Convention Hall / Boardwalk Hall
2301 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401

Main Auditorium

OHS Database ID 14488.

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This organ received OHS Citation number 313, 2004-10-26.

OHS Convention Organ, 2016.

Status and Condition

Renovation, restoration, or revision is in progress.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition December 21, 2016.

Technical Details

Electro-pneumatic (EP) pitman chests.

7 manuals. 20 divisions. 337 stops. 852 registers. 449 ranks. 33114 pipes. Manual compass is 61 notes. Pedal compass is 32 notes.

The organ is in a case at the front of the room. Horseshoe style console. The console is in a fixed position, center.

Stop keys on angled jambs. Balanced swell shoes/pedals, standard AGO placement. No combination action. AGO Standard (concave radiating) pedalboard. Reversible full organ/tutti thumb piston. Reversible full organ/tutti toe stud. Combination action thumb pistons. Coupler reversible toe studs.


  • Online update from David Kinyon -- Due to ongoing renovations and repairs to the auditorium, both organs have been rendered totally unplayable. The main organ has for all intents and purposes been mostly unplayable since the late 1970s. Complete details on these instruments are available on the ACCHOS web site. (Database Manager. September 5, 2005)
  • Updated through online information from Gui Kirsch. -- Largest Pipe organ in the world. Most stops are extended. Contains one of two 64' stops, a 64' Diaphone-Dulzian. (has Dulzian pipes in higher octaves) Has 5 stops, reeds, standing on 100". Among them is the Grand Ophicleide, the loudest in the world. Most of the organ stands on 15" of wind. The organ has 8 chambers: Right Stage, Left Stage, Right Foward, Left Foward, Right Center, Left Center, Right Upper*, Left Upper* *(in ceiling). -- First and Second manuals have 7 octaves starting at CCC, Third manual has about 6 octaves starting at FFF (Database Manager. June 9, 2010)
  • Updated through online information from Steven Ickes. (Database Manager. April 18, 2012)
  • Updated through online information from Stephen D. Smith. -- I am the Honorary Curator of the Organs at Boardwalk Hall (formerly the Convention Hall), Atlantic City, and the author of two major books and numerous articles about the Hall's pipe organs. -- Choir and Great compass: 85 keys (CCC to c5). Swell compass: 73 keys (GGG to g4). (Database Manager. July 19, 2012)
  • Updated through online information from Shawn. (Database Manager. December 21, 2016)

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  • Smith, Stephen D.. "The World's Largest Organ and Its Connection With the Baroque Organ," The Tracker (Vol. 48, No. 4 (2004), pp. 4-6).
  • [Composite: several authors]. "Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall\'s Midmer-Losh Organ: \'And the Work Goes on Merrily\'," The Diapason (Whole No. 1215 [February 2011], pp. 24-25). [by Stephen D. Smith and Charles Swisher] [Photographs, restoration report]

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Exterior and Interior of the Hall. Postcard from the collection of Jim Cook 1964-01-01
Console and Reginald Foort, British Organist. Photograph by Fred Hess & Son; image located in the OHS Library and Archives and courtesy of Bynum Petty
Main Console. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2015-02-17
Main Console. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2015-02-17
Moveable Console. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2015-02-17

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