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First Congregational Church
Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230

OHS Database ID 5020.


This organ received OHS Citation number 4, 1975-09-10.

OHS Convention Organ, 2015.

Status and Condition

The state of this organ is unknown to the database, being undocumented or unreported.
(The last update we received about this organ was on the transfer of data from the OHS PC Database, October 30, 2004.)

Technical Details

Electro-pneumatic (EP) chests.

Three manuals. 60 stops. 73 ranks.


  • Status Note: There 1988. (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)
  • Historic Organs Recital in 1983 (listed as 4-60). [On Roosevelt list as 3m.] Originally tubular pneumatic (electric action echo) with Roosevelt Adjustable Combination Action. Compass extended to 61 manual and 32 pedal notes. Electrified by W. W. Laws without tonal change in 1936 with a console built on an Austin stop-key skeleton. Swell Cornet and Great Mixture altered in 1970's. On PIPORG-L 21 Apr 1996 (Paul Opel) as 4-73. Apparently restored by congregation under Andover supervision with new console. [Facade may have been designed by George Ashdown Audsley? ] (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)

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Balcony, Console, and Organ Case. Photograph courtesy of Len Levasseur 1973-03-21
Church Exterior. Vintage Postcard; image courtesy of Len Levasseur
Nave, Balcony, and Organ Case. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2014-09-10
Nave, Balcony, and Organ Case. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2014-09-10

Pipe organs in Massachusetts sponsored by Mssrs. Czelusniak et Dugal.

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  • Typed stoplist from the OHS PC Database.
    Congregational Church, Great Barrington, MA. 
    1883 Hilborne Roosevelt, Op. 113 (Case designed by George A. Audsley)
    (Stoplist: Paul Opel 1998)
    II Great 
    Double Open Diapason           16       61, metal
    Open Diapason                   8       61, metal
    Open Diapason                   8       61, metal
    Gemshorn                        8       61, metal (nicking filled in with tallow, 1970's)
    Viola da Gamba                  8       61, metal
    Principal Flute                 8       61, wood
    Doppel Flute                    8       61, wood
    *Quint                          5 1/3   61, metal
    Octave                          4       61, metal
    Gambette                        4       61, metal
    Flute Harmonique                4       61, metal
    *Octave Quinte                  2 2/3   61, metal
    *Super Octave                   2       61, metal
    *Mixture                        IV-V   (Tierce rank repitched to 1 1/3)
    *Scharff                        III 183, metal (contains Tierce rank)
    *Euphone                        16      61, free reed, wood boots
    *Trumpet                        8       61, metal
    * Enclosed with Choir 
    I Choir 
    Contra-Gamba                    16      58, metal 1-10 stopped wood
    Open Diapason                   8       58, metal
    Viola D'Amour                   8       58, metal
    Dulciana                        8       58, metal
    Concert Flute                   8       46, wood
    Rohr Flute                      8       58, metal 1-17 stopped wood
    Quintadena                      8       58, wood
    Fugara                          4       58, metal
    Flute D'Amour                   4       58, metal
    Piccolo Harmonique              2       58, metal
    Dolce Cornet                    V       290, metal
    Clarinet                        8       58, metal
    Vox Humana                      8       58, metal
    Chimes                          (Ch)
    III Swell
    Bourdon                         16      58, wood
    Open Diapason                   8       58, metal
    Spitz Flute                     8       58, metal
    Salicional                      8       58, metal
    Dolce                           8       58, metal
    Vox Celeste                     8       46, metal
    Clarabella                      8       46, wood
    Stopped Diapason                8       58, wood
    Octave                          4       58, metal
    Salicet                         4       58, metal
    Flauto Dolce                    4       58, wood
    Hohl Flute                      4       58, metal
    Flageolet                       2       58, metal
    Cornet                          III     174, metal
    Contra Fagotto                  16      58, metal
    Cornopean                       8       58, metal
    Oboe                            8       58, metal
    Clarion                         4       58, metal
    Chimes                          (Ch)
    IV Echo
    Keraulophon                     8       61, metal
    Fern Flute                      8       61, stopped wood
    Flauto Traverso                 4       61, wood
    Oboe                            8       61, metal
    Vox Humana                      8       61, metal
    Chimes                          8       25 tubes g-g''
    Resultant                       10 2/3  32, wood
    Open Diapason                   16      32, metal
    Dulciana                        16      32, metal
    Bourdon                         16      32, wood
    Lieblich Gedact                 16 (Swell Bourdon)
    Violincello                     8       32, metal
    Flute                           8       32, open wood
    Bourdon                         8  (Swell Bourdon)
    Trombone                        16      32, wood
    Sw-Gt           16, 8, 4
    Sw-Ch           16, 8, 4
    Ch-Gt           16, 8, 4
    Gt-Gt           16, -8, 4
    Ch-Ch           16, -8, 4
    Sw-Sw           16, -8, 4
    Echo-Ch         16,-8,-4
    Echo-Gt         16,-8,-4
    Echo-Sw         16,-8,-4
    Echo-Echo       16, -8, 4
    Gt-Ped          8,-4
    Ch-Ped          8,-4
    Sw-Ped          8,-4
    7 General
    8 Gt
    6 Ch
    9 Sw
    3 Echo
    General Cancel
    Master Swell Pedal
    Toe Studs
    Generals 8, 9, 10
    5 Pedal
    Gt-Ped Reversible
    Ch-Ped Reversible
    Sw-Ped Reversible
    Echo-Ped Reversible
    Swell Pedals
    Mixture Compositions
    Mixture IV-V
    Scharff III
    Cornet III
    Dolce Cornet V
    1-8-12-15-17 dulciana scale
    Original compass C-f-a''', extended to C-g-c'''' and console replaced with a console by William W. 
    Laws in 1936. Releathering performed by Andover Organ Co. and a congregational committee, 
    1980-1993.Roosevelt chests. Original action tubular-pneumatic, with electro-pneumatic to the Echo, 
    mercury contacts, LeClanche batteries, water motor for wind, 3 settable combinations. Original 
    console preserved in narthex.
    Facade in cherry, stained to imitate mahogany; pipes rough plastered and gilded. 
    There is also an interesting Crescendo Check. A knob sliding in a horizontal slot can be put in one 
    of 10 positions. Rods behind the pedal limit the travel of the crescendo pedal to 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, 
    etc. of full travel, depending on the position of the Crescendo Check knob.
    The facade has a total of 87 pipes, 61 of them playing, from the Great Open Diapasons and Pedal 
    Dulciana. The chambers are all very generous. Wide walk-ways and stairs with railings give easy 
    access to everything (except that one of the three-note extension chests added by Laws blocks one 
    walk-way). The original tubing for gas lights in the chambers are still extant.
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