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Second Presbyterian Church
700 Pine St.
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402

OHS Database ID 65262.

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Status and Condition

The organ is in an unaltered state from its installation as described on this page.
The organ is in good condition and in regular use.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition February 18, 2020.

Technical Details

Electro-pneumatic (EP) chests.

Three manuals. 4 divisions. 20 stops. 28 registers. 22 ranks. Manual compass is 61 notes. Pedal compass is 32 notes.

The organ is in chambers to the sides at the front of the room. There are no visible pipes. Traditional style console. The console is in a fixed position, center.

Drawknobs in vertical rows on angled jambs. Balanced swell shoes/pedals, standard AGO placement. Combination Action: Computerized/Digital system. AGO Standard (concave radiating) pedalboard. Crescendo Pedal. Reversible full organ/tutti thumb piston. Reversible full organ/tutti toe stud. Combination action thumb pistons. Combination action toe studs. Coupler reversible thumb pistons. Coupler reversible toe studs.


  • The organ was rebuilt by Barger & Nix in 2000; the 2017 console is located in the rear of the room, immediately behind the last pew; the organ is located in the front in side chambers, with shutters opening on selection to the choir loft and/or the nave; the organ is very successful in the live room. (Jeff Scofield. February 18, 2020)

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Sanctuary interior before the 2017 console. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2009-07-23
Sanctuary interior angle. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2009-07-23
Console. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2020-02-17
Console and sanctuary interior. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2020-02-17
Console center. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2020-02-17
Left Stopjamb. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2020-02-17
Right Stopjamb. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2020-02-17
Coupler rail. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2020-02-17
Builder name plates. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2020-02-17

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  • . Source: Stoplist copied from the console February 17, 2020
            Chattanooga, Tennessee
            Second Presbyterian CHhurch
            Möller        Op. 9208   1959   3/22
            Barger & Nix             2000          Rebuild
            Barger & Nix             2017          New console
                Stops without pipecounts are prepared-for
            GREAT (encl w/Choir)           SWELL
         8' Principal         61       16' Gedeckt           12
         8' Spitz Principal            16' Contra Gamba
         8' Bourdon           61        8' Geigen Principal
         4' Octave            61        8' Gedeckt           61
         4' Koppelflöte                 8' Viola d'Gamba     61
     2 2/3' Twelfth                     8' Viola Celeste     49
        II  Grave Mixture    122        8' Harmonic Flute
     1 1/3' Quint                       4' Octave Geigen
    IV-III  Klein Fourniture 183        4' Harmonic Flute    61
        IV  Mixture                 2 2/3' Nasard
       III  Scharf                      2' Octave
        16' English Horn                2' Piccolo           61
         8' English Horn              III  Fourniture
         8' Flugel Horn                16' Contre Trompette
         8' Krummhorn                  16' Bassoon
            Tremolo                     8' Trompette         61
            Sub                         8' Oboe
            Unison Off                  4' Clairon
            Super                       4' Hautbois
        16' Tuba Imperial                  Tremolo
         8' Tuba Imperial                  Sub
         4' Tuba Imperial                  Unison Off
            CHOIR                      16' Tuba Imperial
                                        8' Tuba Imperial
         8' Spitz Principal             4' Tuba Imperial
         8' Nasongedeckt      61           Zimbelstern
         8' Nachthorn
         8' Erzähler          61           PEDAL
         8' Erzähler Celeste  49
         4' Spitz Principal            32' Bourdon
         4' Nachthorn         61       32' Resultant
         4' Koppelflöte                16' Principal
     2 2/3' Nasard                     16' Soubasse          32
         2' Principal                  16' Gedeckt           SW
         2' Blockflöte                 16' Contra Gamba
     1 1/3' Quint                  10 2/3' Sub Quint
        II  Sesquialtera     122        8' Principal         32
    IV-III  Klein Fourniture  GT        8' Spitz Principal
       III  Scharf                      8' Soubasse          12
        16' English Horn                8' Gedeckt           SW
         8' English Horn                8' Viola d'Gamba     SW
         8' Flugel Horn             5 1/3' Twelfth
         8' Krummhorn                   4' Octave            12
            Tremolo                     4' Bourdon
            Sub                         2' Principal         12
            Unison Off                 IV  Mixture
            Super                      32' Contre Trompette
        16' Tuba Imperial              16' Trompette         12 SW
         8' Tuba Imperial              16' Bassoon
         4' Tuba Imperial              16' English Horn
            Chimes                      8' Trompette         SW
            Harp                        8' Oboe
            Celesta                     8' English Horn
                                        4' Clairon           SW
                                        4' Oboe
                                        8' Tuba Imperial
                                        4' Tuba Imperial
              [Received from Jeff Scofield February 18, 2020]
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