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St. Luke's Episcopal Church
5421 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia: Germantown, Pennsylvania 10144

OHS Database ID 9033.

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This organ received OHS Citation number 191, 1996-07-04.

OHS Convention Organ, 2016.

Status and Condition

The state of this organ is unknown to the database, being undocumented or unreported.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition August 7, 2005.

Technical Details

Tubular pneumatic key action. Pneumatic stop action.

Three manuals. 43 ranks.

The organ is in side chambers at the front of the room, with visible façade pipes or case front. Traditional style console. The organ has an attached keydesk.

Drawknobs in vertical rows on angled jambs. Balanced swell shoes/pedals. Adjustable combination pistons. AGO Standard (concave radiating) pedalboard. Crescendo Pedal. Reversible full organ/tutti toe stud. Combination action thumb pistons. Combination action toe studs. Coupler reversible thumb pistons. Coupler reversible toe studs.


  • Status Note: There 1996 (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)
  • In collaboration with Cole & Woodberry. Rebuilt with electric action by James Cole 1921. Windchests replaced by Casavant 1955 (Op. 2304). Trompette en Chamade 8' added 1970. Windchests rebuilt by Wicks in 1992. Releathered by Patrick J. Murphy c. 2001. (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)
  • Online update from Nathan Laube -- Tonally the organ seems to be intact (1894), however the 16' Posaune (Contra Basson) on the Swell has pipes stamped "Rec."...we suspect that rank may be a Casavant replacement dating from around the time that the present Casavant console was installed. The Great V Mixture, 16' Trombone, 8' Tromba, 4' Clarion, as well as the Echo division (8' Quintadena, 8' Echo Salicional, 4' Flute Octaviante, 8' Clarinet) are enclosed in a box, and the choir is unenclosed. The Unenclosed Great, Enclosed Great, Echo, Pedal Open Wood (32' 16' 8' 4') and Trombone (16' 8' 4') are located on the left side of the chancel with the Console. The Swell and Choir (unenclosed) as well as the Pedal Subbass (16' 8') and 8' Viola d'amour (in facade) are on the right side of the chancel. When the Casavant console was installed, the distribution of divisions over the manuals was changed. Now the Choir and the Echo play on Man. 1, Great on 2, Swell on 3. Formerly the Echo (enclosed with the Great) played on the Man. 2, so in essence the Great division was made up of three sub-divisions (I Unenclosed: 16' Bdn., 8' Principal Diapason, Small Diapason, Harmonic Flute, 4' Octave, 2 2/3' Octave-Quinte, 2' Super Octave; II Enclosed: V Mixture, 16' Trombone, 8' Tromba, 4' Clarion; and III Echo: 8' Quintadena, Echo Salicional, 4' Fl.Oct., 8' Clarinet, Tremolo.) The 4' extensions of the Open Wood and Trombone in the pedal are not original. The Tremolo that used to affect the Great is no longer there. The swell and choir divisions were "direct-electric-ed" by Wicks. The entire organ plays beautifully, though the stunning reeds and harmonic flutes are begging for restoration. (Database Manager. August 7, 2005)

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Chancel. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2015-08-25
Left Organ Case. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2015-08-25
Chancel and Right Organ Case. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2015-08-25
Church Exterior. Photograph by Jeff Scofield 2016-06-28

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  • Stoplist from The Organ, March 1893
    Germantown (Philadelphia), Pennsylvania
    St. Luke's Episcopal Church
    Cole & Woodberry   1893                    3 manuals, 38 stops, 44 ranks
             GREAT ORGAN                         SWELL ORGAN
             (First Division)                 8' Geigen Diapason
         16' Bourdon                          8' Viole d'Orchestre
          8' Principal Diapason               8' Viole Céleste
          8' Small Diapason                   8' Rohr-flöte
          4' Flûte Harmonique                 4' Octave
          4' Octave                         III  Mixture (15-19-22)
      2 2/3' Octave Quint                    16' Contra Posaune
          2' Super Octave                     8' Cornopean
          8' Trumpet                          8' Oboe
             (Second Division *)              8' Voix Humaine
         16' Trombone                            Unison
          8' Tromba (Harmonic)                   Octave (on itself)
          4' Clarion                             Tremulant (light wind)
          V  Mixture (15-19-22-26-29)            Tremulant (heavy wind)
             (Third Division, Echo Organ)
          8' Echo Salicional                     PEDAL ORGAN
          8' Quintadena                          (North Side)
          4' Flute Octaviente [sic]          32' Great Bass
          8' Clarinet                        16' Open Bass
             Tremulant                        8' Great Flute
                                             16' Bombard
             CHOIR ORGAN                         (South Side)
          8' Viola                           16' Sub. Bass
          8' Echo Viole                       8' Flûte d'Amour
          8' Flûte Traversière
          4' Salicet                             MECHANICALS
          4' Flûte d'Orchestre                   Ch. to Gt. Sub. Octave
          2' Piccolo Harmonique                  Sw. to Gt. Unison
          8' Orchestral Oboe                     Sw. to Gt. Octave
             Swell to Choir                      7 Combinations placed
             Sub. Octave (in itself)                 beneath Great Keyboard
             Tremulant                           7 Special Pedals
          *  on heavy wind and in Swell-box
    [Received from Steven E. Lawson  2015-10-01]
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