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Grove City College
100 Campus Drive
Grove City, Pennsylvania 16127

Harbison Chapel

OHS Database ID 9676.

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This organ received OHS Citation number 389, 2010-06-23.

Status and Condition

The organ has been restored to a previous state.
The condition of the organ is in not known or has not been reported to the Database.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition December 26, 2010.

Technical Details

Electro-pneumatic (EP) chests.

Four manuals. 62 registers. 36 ranks. 2493 pipes.

The organ is in side chambers at the front of the room, with visible façade pipes or case front. Traditional style console with roll top. The console is in a fixed position, left.

Concave radiating pedalboard. Reversible full organ/tutti thumb piston. Combination action thumb pistons. Combination action toe studs. Coupler reversible thumb pistons. Coupler reversible toe studs.


  • Dedicated 8 Oct 1931. Restored 2000 by A. Thompson-Allen Co. Original console long gone. Console replaced with Kimball console from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2000. (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)
  • Updated through on-line information from Priscilla Weaver. (Database Manager. December 26, 2010)

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Facade. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2009-09-17
Console. Photograph by Stephen Schnurr 2010-07-26

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  • From 2010 convention program
    Grove City, Pennsylvania
    Grove City College - Harbison Chapel (The Francis St. Leger Babcock Memorial Organ)
    W.W. Kimball   KPO 7102   1931
    Great (enclosed with Choir):
    16' Double Open Diapason (ext. Second Diapason)
    8' First Diapason
    8' Second Diapason
    8' Flute Harmonique
    8' Concert Flute (Ch.)
    8' Viola (Ch. Violin Diapason)
    8' Dulciana (Ch.)
    4' Octave
    4' Waldflote (73 pipes)
    2 2/3' Quint
    2' Super Octave
    II Grave Mixture (draws 2 2/3' and 2')
    8' Tromba (15\\" wind)
    Chimes (Ch.)
    Harp (Ch.)
    Great 16', Unison Off, 4'
    Swell to Great 16', 8', 4'
    Choir to Great 16', 8', 4'
    Solo to Great 16', 8', 4'
    Swell (enclosed):
    16' Bourdon (ext. Rohrflote)
    8' Diapason
    8' Salicional
    8' Vox Celeste
    8' Clarabella
    8' Rohrflote
    4' Chimney Flute
    2 2/3' Nazard (ext. Rohrflote)
    2' Piccolo (ext. Rohrflote)
    IV Mixture (15-17-19-22)
    16' Bassoon (ext. Oboe)
    8' French Trumpet
    8' Oboe
    8' Vox Humana (5\\" wind)
    4' Clarion
    Vox Tremolo
    Harp (Ch.)
    Celesta (Ch.)
    Swell 16', Unison Off, 4'
    Solo to Swell 8'
    Choir (enclosed):
    8' Violin Diapason
    8' Concert Flute
    8' Dulciana
    8' Unda Maris
    4' Waldflote (Gt.)
    4' Dulcet (ext.)
    2 2/3' Dulciana (ext.)
    2' Dulciana (ext.)
    8' Clarinet
    Harp (61 bars)
    Chimes (25 tubes)
    Choir 16', Unison Off, 4'
    Swell to Choir 16', 8', 4'
    Solo to Choir 16', 8', 4'
    Solo (10\\" wind):
    8' Gross Gamba
    8' Gross Gamba Celeste
    8' Flauto Mirabilis
    4' Orchestral Flute
    8' French Horn
    8' Tuba Mirabilis (20\\")
    Solo 16', Unison Off, 4'
    Echo (prepared for)
    Pedal (enclosed with Great):
    32' Acoustic Bass
    16' First Open Diapason
    16' Second Open Diapason (Gt.)
    16' Bourdon
    16' Lieblich Gedeckt (Sw.)
    8' Octave (Gt. Second Diapason)
    8' Major Flute (ext. Bourdon)
    8' Still Gedeckt (Sw. Rohrflote)
    4' Flute (ext. Bourdon)
    16' Trombone (15\\" wind)
    16' Contra Fagotto (Sw.)
    8' Tromba (ext.)
    8' Chimes (Ch.)
    Great to Pedal 8', 4'
    Swell to Pedal 8', 4'
    Choir to Pedal 8', 4'
    Solo to Pedal 8', 4'
    Echo to Pedal 8'
     [Received from Connor Annable 2011-09-15.]
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