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Trinity Episcopal Church
Buffalo, New York.

Original document from Scot Huntington. Buffalo Commercial, Sept. 4, 1897 p. 15; Viner notebook


Buffalo, NY
Trinity Episcopal Church

Organ by Hook & Hastings, No. 1715, 1896
(*) stops missing from Buffalo Commercial stoplist but included in Viner notebook
The published 1897 stoplist is specific about the five stop additions made that year.
This extrapolated stoplist omits those additions.

Compasses: 61/30
Electric action pulldowns to slider chests.
All stops independent except as noted.

16 ft. Open Diapason  (basses in the facade, gilded)
8 ft. Open Diapason
8 ft. Viola d'Gamba
8 ft. Doppel Flote
4 ft. Octave
4 ft. Harmonic Flute (Flute Harmonic in Viner)
4 ft. Flute d'Amour
2 2/3 ft. Twelfth
2 ft. Fifteenth
4-rank Mixture 
8 ft. Trumpet*
4 ft. Clarion

16 ft. Bourdon (Treble and Bass stops* in Viner)
8 ft. Open Diapason
8 ft. Stopped Diapason*
8 ft. Salicional*
8 ft. Aeoline
8 ft. Vox Celeste (listed as 61 notes)
4 ft. Flute (Flauto Traverso in Viner)
4 ft. Violina
2 ft. Flautino
3-rank Cornet (Cornet Dolce in Viner)
8 ft. Cornopean
8 ft. Oboe
8 ft. Vox Humana

8 ft. Violin Diapason
8 ft. Dolce
8 ft. Melodia
4 ft. Wald Flute (Flute d'Amour in Viner)
4 ft. Gemshorn
2 ft. Piccolo (Piccolo Harmonic in Viner)
8 ft. Clarinet
8 ft. Orchestral Oboe

16 ft. Open Diapason
16 ft. Bourdon
16 ft. Dolce (missing from Viner)
16 ft. Dulciana (Viner lists as from Great Open Diap. 16')
10 2/3 ft. Quint (Quint Flote in Viner)
8 ft.  Violoncello
16 ft. Trombone

On the 1897 console (new or 1896 enlarged?) were listed:
5 manual couplers by thumb pistons
3 Pedal couplers
9 Combination pedals



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