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Iliff School of Theology
Denver, Colorado
Wirsching Organ Company 1910

Great (enclosed)

 8 Open Diapason (unenclosed)
 8 Clarabella
 8 Dulciana
 4 Gemshorn
 4 Flute D'Amour


16 Bordone Dolce
 8 Principale Minore
 8 Bordone Amabile
 8 Salicional
 8 Vox Celeste (TC)
 4 Flute Harmonic 
 8 Oboe
 8 Vox Humana


16 Sub Bass
16 Lieblich Gedackt (Sw)
 8 Flauto Basso (ext.)

The Diapason Feb. 1, 1911

 [Received from Jim Stark 2016-05-10.]