The OHS Pipe Organ Database

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Iowa City, Iowa
St. Mary's R. C. Church

Moline Organ Co.   1883


16' Double Open Diapason TC  46m
16' Contra Bass              12m
8' Open Diapason             58m
8' Viol di Gamba             58m
8' Hohl Flute                58w
4' Principal                 58m
4' Flute Harmonic            58m
2.2/3' Twelfth               58m
2' Fifteenth                 58m
IV Rks. Mixture             232m
8' Trumpet                   58m

SWELL 58 enclosed

16' Lieblich Gedact TC       46w
16' Lieblich Bourdon         12w
8' Open Diapason             58m
8' Salicional                58m
8' Quintadena                58m
8' Stopped Diapason          58w&m
4' Fugara                    58m
4' Flauto Traverso           58w&m
2' Flautino                  58m
8' Oboe (BB)                 47m  
8' Bassoon (CC-AA#)          11m

CHOIR 58 unenclosed

8' Dulciana                  58m
8' Keraulophon (1-7 from Melodia) 51m
8' Melodia                   58w
4' Flute d' Amour            58w&m
2' Flageolet                 58m
8' Clarionette TC            46m


16' Grand Open Diapason      27w
16' Sub Bass                 27w
8' Bass Flute          ext., 12w 

Pedale Check


Swell to Great
Choir to Great
Swell to Choir
Swell to Pedale
Great to Pedale
Choir to Pedale


Piano to Great
Mezzo to Great
Forte to Great
Swell Mezzo (original label missing)
Forte to Swell
Great to Pedale (reversible)

Balanced Swell Pedal
Mechanical action.  

 [Received from John Speller 2012-07-06.]