The OHS Pipe Organ Database

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Ashfield, Massachusetts
First Congregational Church

Nameplate: Geo. W. Reed  
           West Boylston, Mass.

All stops full compass and independent.
Oblique ebony knobs on round shanks,Old English script
N-chest layout
Compass: 61/27, overhanging keyboards 

Gr. Open Diapason        8'  C-e facade
Gr. Gamba                8'  pungent
Gr. Melodia              8'  wood, stopped 1-12
Gr. Dulciana             8'  1-12 facade
Gr. Octave               4'
Gr. Flute d'Amour        4'  wood, metal trebles
Gr. Twelfth          2 2/3'
Gr. Fifteenth            2'

SWELL  enclosed, horizontal shutters; above and behind Great

Sw. Bourdon Treble      16'  wood
Sw. Bourdon Bass        16'  wood, 1-12, unenclosed
Sw. Violin Diapason      8'  1-12 stopped wood
Sw. Salicional           8'  stopped bass
Sw. Stopped Diapason     8'  wood
Sw. Aeoline              8'  1-12 stopped
Sw. Flute Harmonic       4'  harm. from middle-c
Sw. Violina              4'
Sw. Oboe                 8'  from tenor-c
Sw. Bassoon              8'  1-12

PEDAL  two-stop slider chest at rear of organ

Ped. Bourdon            16'  wood
Ped. Dulciana           16'  1-12 Estey Haskell basses marked "Viol", remainder are
                               the original Violoncello; installed by Allen Hastings


Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Tremolo (Swell, beater type)
Blowers Signal
Dial wind gauge

Single-action combinations by foot pedals, disk labels in nameboard:

Forte Great
Piano Great
Forte Swell
Piano Swell
Reversible (Gr. to Ped.)

 [Received from Scot Huntington 2016-02-29.]