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Conway Congregational (United) Church
Conway, Massachusetts

Hook & Hastings, Op. 1297, 1886 - Original Specifications
(Stoplist: William Baker 1998)

GREAT (Manual I)                             COUPLERS (Drawknob) 
   8'  Open Diapason (1-17 facade)  58          Swell to Pedal 
   8'  Dulciana               (tc)  46          Great to Pedal
   8'  Melodia                (tc)  46
   8'  Unison Bass                  12          Swell to Great  
   4'  Octave                       58          Swell to Great 8ves 4'

SWELL (Manual II - Expressive) 
   8'   Viola                 (tc)  46 
   8'   Stopped Diapason      (tc)  46          ACTION: Mech. key & stop
   8'   Stopped Bass                12
   4'   Flute    [Harmonic]         58          STOPS: 10
   4'   Violina                     58
   8'   Oboe                  (tc)  46          REGISTERS: 12
                                                RANKS: 10
16'   Bourdon (at sides)            30          PIPES: 516

[from builders' warranty, etc., inside panel over the console]
Manuals CC1 - A58   Pedals CC1 - F30
Console is projecting w/terraces and flat-faced knobs
Pitch is quite sharp of A=440. Swell and Great are on the same level.
Manual windchests are chromatic, Pedal diatonic.
Facade and Pedal C and C# sides are reversed, i.e., C-side to the right,
   facing the organ.