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First Presbyterian Church, Cass City, Michigan

Henry Erben, New York, 1865

Manual: (enclosed)

8'  Open Diapason              56m
8'  Stopd. Diap. Treble [TF]   39w&m
8'  Stopd. Diapason Bass       17w
8'  Clarabella [TF]            39w
8'  Dulciana [TF]              39m
8'  Gamba [TF]                 39m
4'  Principal                  56m
2'  Flageolet                  56m

Pedal: (enclosed)

16' Bourdon                    20w


    Manual to Pedal Coupler

Pedal Movements:

2 unlabelled composition pedals, piano and forte

Hitch-down Swell Pedal

 [Received from John Speller 2013-06-15.]