The OHS Pipe Organ Database

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Courtland, Minnesota
Immanuel Lutheran Church

Vogelpohl & Spaeth

GREAT	                PEDAL
16 Man’l Bourdon	16 Bourdon
8 Open Diapason	        8 Violincello
8 Doppel Flute	
8 Viol d’Gamba	
8 Dulciana	
4 Principal	
2 Super Octave	
Bellows Signal	
8 Violin Diapason	
8 Melodia	
8 Salicional	
4 Flute Harmonic	
8 Bassoon (1-12)	
8 Oboe TC	

Two ON/OFF pistons beneath the manuals for each of the following: 
Swell to Great; Great to Pedal; Swell to Pedal.

Four unlabelled composition pedals.

[Received on line from Josh Sellner August 16, 2009.]