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  Trinity United Presbyterian Church
  Kenton, Ohio
  Hook & Hastings Opus 1320, 1886
  OHS Citation Number 407
  Submitted 120305
  OHS ID: 5171
  GREAT (58 notes)   SWELL (58 notes)                     PEDAL (27 notes)
8 Open Diapason    8 Viola (t.c., 46 pipes)            16 Bourdon
8 Dulciana         8 Stopped Diapason Bass (12 pipes)     Great to Pedal
8 Melodia          8 Stopped Diapason                     Swell to Pedal
4 Octave           4 Flute
3 Twelfth          8 Bassoon (12 pipes)
2 Fifteenth        8 Oboe (t.c., 46 pipes)
  Swell to Great     Tremolo

  Swell Pedal
  Bellows Signal
  Wind Indicator
  Great Forte combination pedal
  Great Piano combination pedal
[Received from T. Daniel Hancock 2012-03-07.]