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             Zelienople, PA
             St. John's "Burry's" Evangelical Protestant Church
             1838 Joseph Harvey
             Manual (54 notes)

            [8’] Open Diapason (tenor G)

            Lead, 35 pipes. Approximately 50 scale.

            [8’] Stpd. Diapason Bass (tenor F#)

            Wood (pine?), walnut caps (screwed) and walnut stopper handles,

            Octagonal feet, 19 pipes

            [8’] Stpd. Diapason Treble (tenor G)

            Wood (pine?), walnut caps (screwed to MF#, glued thereafter) and walnut stopper handles,

            Octagonal feet, 35 pipes

            [4’] Principal

            Lead, 54 pipes (5 replacements) lightly nicked, bottom octave bridged;

            CC marked: “Pittsburgh July 31, 1837”. Approximately 62 scale.

            [2’] Fifteenth

            Lead, 54 pipes (4 replacements). Approximately 75+ scale.

            Keydesk:  Mahogany


                        Ivory naturals

                        Ebony sharps tapering sharply to narrow tops

                        Wood fronts

                        Length of naturals 5 ¼”

                        Octave span 6 ½”

            Mechanicals:  Hitchdown pedal to operate a separate slider to remove Principal and      Fifteenth 
            from the registration.

            Pitch:  A440 @70 degrees F (A425 original from physical evidence)

            Wind Pressure: 1 ½”

            Documentation (2009): John Cawkins, Laurence Libin, James Stark, Randall Wagner