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Madison, Wisconsin
Luther Memorial Lutheran Church

Organ by J. W. Steere & Sons

GREAT:                                       COUPLERS (Drawknob)
   16'  Bourdon Bass                            Swell to Pedal
   16'  Bourdon Treble                          Great to Pedal
   8'   Open Diapason
   8'   Dulciana                                Swell to Great
   8'   Melodia Stop
   4'   Octave
   4'   Flute d'Amour                        PEDAL MOVEMENTS
   3'   Twelfth                                 Swell Expression        (bal.)
   2'   Fifteenth
   8'   Clarinet

SWELL (Expressive):
   8'   Open Diapason
   8'   Stop Diapason
   8'   Salicional
   8'   Aeoline
   4'   Flute Harmonique
   4'   Violina
   2'   Flautino
   8'   Oboe
   8'   Bassoon

   16'  Bourdon
   8'   Violoncello