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Elmira, New York 1907-1910.
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From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders by David H. Fox (Organ Historical Society, 1991). Edited for the revised OHS Online Database website, 2017. -

Established by Robert Hope-Jones in Elmira, New York, 1907, with the main office in New York City, New York; the firm went bankrupt, April 1910; and was succeeded by the Hope-Jones Organ Department of the Wurlitzer firm of North Tonawanda, New York.

Investors or Corporate Officers: Samuel L. Clemens ('Mark Twain'); Charles J. Langdon; Jervis Langdon; Robert Pier ElliotTheodore Vail; (__) Wright.

Staff; Wilbur Antis; John Badger; Frederick Barker; Herbert Barnes; Earl J. Beach; Mayme Blass; John Brandt; A. M. Brooks; Carrie Calkins; Maud Canfield; Henry J. Carruthers; Joseph J. Carruthers, Sr.; John J. Colton; Maud Craig; Richard Doucette; J. Drolesky; (Augustus Ely?), May Ennis; Gus E. Erickson; H. Essen; J. Sloan Fassett; Gertrude Flesh; Henry Flester; F. H. Hathaway; Jack Hirst; William I. Hitchcock; Lawton Holmes; David Hutton; Theodore J. Ilse; A. J. Jasper; A. Johnson; Carl Johnson; Albert L. Jones; Walter Jones; T. J Lepkoske; H. Lewis; Eugene Licome; John E. Linhares; Albert E. Lloyd; Edward E. Loomis; Thomas Lynette; Patrick McMahon; David Marr; F. McNaughton; F. J. Mengler; F. Minchin; Lottie Monk; James Murphy; Margaret Murphy; Elizabeth Murray; Rae Newman; Augustus Noterman; Gus Noterman; James H. Nuttall; George Osborne; William Owen; George C. Parker; Mabel Parsons; Fanny Payne; E. W. Personius; Oswald Pfeil; (Jerzy?) Polukanis; Clarence Reynolds; Eleanor Robinson; Charles Russell; Fred W. Smith; Herman B. Stengel; A. Stetfield; Norman J. Thomas; Belle Thompson; Frank Walpert (Wolpert?); Charles Wills.


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