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St. Cloud, Minnesota area, 1970s–1980s; in Cold Spring, Minnesota , 1985.
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May 07, 2018:

From the Organ Database Builders Listing editor Charles Eberline, April 15, 2017. -

Kevin Christopher Marrin was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1949. He graduated from St. John-s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, with a double major in philosophy and music in 1971. After working briefly with local organbuilders Eric Fiss in Fargo, North Dakota, and Arthur Kurtzman in St. Cloud, Minnesota, he went out on his own, doing service work and tuning. His first organbuilding project on his own was rebuilding a small Wicks organ in his home parish of St. Boniface, Cold Spring, Minnesota. He received his first contract to build a new organ from St. Augustine Catholic Church, St. Cloud, Minnesota; the instrument was completed in 1978. He operates a one-person shop, K. C. Marrin Company, in Cold Spring.


  • Charles L. Echols, "K. C. Marrin: Profile of a Minnesota Organbuilder," The Diapason 107, no. 4 (April 2017): 20-21 (with opus list).

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October 30, 2004:

From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders, by David H. Fox (Richmond, Va., Organ Historical Society, 1991). -

In St. Cloud, Minnesota area, 1970s-1980s; in Cold Spring, Minnesota, 1985.


  • John Panning.
  • Uwe Pape, Organs in America II (Berlin: Pape Verlag, 1984):184.

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