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February 20, 2016:

Several local chapters have also worked to preserve, restore, or rebuild theatre organs, bringing them back to working order in either their original location or in a new venue. The following chapters are known to have done so in at least one instance:

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April 15, 2010:

From the OHS Database, Builders Listing Editor, updated Feb. 20, 2016. --

The American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS) is an international non-profit organization comprised of volunteer members who are committed to helping preserve and perpetuate the theatre pipe organ heritage. Membership is made up of musicians, technicians, hobbyists, educators, and others who enjoy the music of the theatre pipe organ.

History: Originally known as the American Theatre Organ Enthusiasts, the organizational meeting was held on February 8, 1955 at the Hollywood residence of Dick Simonton. In 1969 the name of the organization was officially changed to the American Theatre Organ Society, the group now includes members from all over the world.

Organization: The society is incorporated in California. The Society consists of regional member-chapters. Yearly conventions allow members to listen to noteworthy instruments and artists, while local chapters allow individuals to have hands-on experiences and local concerts.

The American Theatre Organ Society website, accessed Feb. 20, 2016.

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