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Darrow Pipe Organ Service (2003)

Originally M. P. Möller (1965ca.)


First Baptist
8250 NW 62nd Ave.
Johnston, IA 50131 US
Organ ID: 29672

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Status and Condition:

  • This instrument's location type is: Baptist Churches
  • The organ has an unknown or unreported status.
  • The organ's condition is unknown.
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Technical Details:

  • Chests: Information unknown or not applicable
  • 30 ranks. 4 divisions. 3 manuals.
  • Position: Pipes exposed (in whole or in part) at the front of the room.
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  • Manuals: 3
  • Divisions: 4
  • Position: Movable console.
  • Manual Compass: 61
  • Pedal Compass: 32
  • Key Action: Electrical connection from key to chest.
  • Stop Action: Electric connection between stop control and chest.
  • Console Style: Traditional style with roll top.
  • Stop Controls: Drawknobs in vertical rows on angled jambs.
  • Combination Action: Adjustable combination pistons.
  • Swell Control Type: Balanced swell shoes/pedals, AGO standard placement.
  • Pedalboard Type: Concave radiating pedalboard meeting AGO Standards.
  • Has Crescendo Pedal
  • Has Tutti Reversible Thumb Pistons
  • Has Tutti Reversible Toe Pistons
  • Has Combination Action Thumb Pistons
  • Has Combination Action Toe Pistons
  • Has Coupler Reversible Thumb Pistons
  • Has Coupler Reversible Toe Pistons
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Database Manager on October 13, 2007:

Identified through on-line information from James R. Stettner. -- This congregation was originally First Baptist in Des Moines, Iowa. They moved to Johnston in 2000 and met in the high school while their new church as being built. The organ is a rebuild and enlargement by Darrow of their previous instrument which dates from ca. 1965. Exposed pipes on two cantilevered chests on either side of the baptistery. Two chambers behind the exposed pipes. Non-specified electro-pneumatic windchests. New console which normally resides on the right side of the chancel.

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