Hinners Organ Co. (Opus 2663, 1923)


New Sweden Evangelical Lutheran Church
12808 New Sweden Church Road
Manor, TX 78653 US
Organ ID: 47340

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Status and Condition:

  • This instrument's location type is: Lutheran Churches
  • The organ is unaltered from its original state.
  • The organ's condition is good, in regular use.
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Technical Details:

  • Chests: Electro-pneumatic (EP)
  • 10 ranks. 3 divisions. 2 manuals. 10 stops.
  • Chest Type(s): Electro-pneumatic (EP) chests
  • Position: In a case at the front of the room.
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  • Manuals: 2
  • Divisions: 3
  • Stops: 10
  • Position: Console in fixed position, right.
  • Manual Compass: 61
  • Pedal Compass: 32
  • Key Action: Electrical connection from key to chest.
  • Stop Action: Electric connection between stop control and chest.
  • Console Style: Traditional style with roll top.
  • Stop Controls: Tilting/rocking tablets above top manual.
  • Combination Action: Adjustable combination pistons.
  • Swell Control Type: Balanced swell shoes/pedals, not in standard AGO position.
  • Pedalboard Type: Concave radiating pedalboard not meeting AGO standards.
  • Has Crescendo Pedal
  • Has Combination Action Thumb Pistons
  • Has Coupler Reversible Toe Pistons
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Database Manager on November 28, 2010:

Identified through online information from John Dill. -- In April of 2006 a new Zephyr blower was installed "inside" the organ along with a new regulator. The original blower was still in use up to that time but was located "outside" the building in the lawnmower shed that was built up against the building. The only other alterations to this instrument were new pedal contacts that were installed by Otto Hoffman. The organ was also cleaned at this time and one small bellows switch was re-leathered. With only the exceptions listed above, this instrument is original. There is NO record of this instrument ever being re-leathered nor is there any evidence of a re-leathering. The original blower and regulator are still in storage at the church. Each stop is ventiled like a Kilgen, the Voix Celeste uses pressure NOT to play and when engaged the ventil closes and the pressure is gone allowing leather to relax and the same air that plays the Echo Salicional is allowed to bleed into the Celeste. Therefor it, the Celeste, never plays without the Echo Salicional engaged as well.

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Source not recorded: Open In New Tab Stoplist. Online update from John Dill.
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