Owner (2000)

Originally Hall Organ Co. (1929before)


Residence: William R. Habermann
Tacoma, WA US
Organ ID: 51383

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Status and Condition:

  • This instrument's location type is: Private Residences
  • The organ is unaltered from its original state.
  • The organ's condition needs attention, but in usable condition.
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Technical Details:

  • Chests: Electro-pneumatic (EP)
  • 10 ranks. 3 divisions. 2 manuals.
  • Chest Type(s): Electro-pneumatic (EP) chests
  • Position: Pipes exposed (in whole or in part) at floor level at the rear of the room.
  • Slider Motors: Solenoids.
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  • Manuals: 2
  • Divisions: 3
  • Position: Keydesk attached.
  • Manual Compass: 61
  • Pedal Compass: 32
  • Key Action: Electrical connection from key to chest.
  • Stop Action: Electric connection between stop control and chest.
  • Console Style: Traditional style with roll top.
  • Stop Controls: Tilting/rocking tablets above top manual.
  • Combination Action: Adjustable combination pistons.
  • Swell Control Type: No enclosed divisions.
  • Pedalboard Type: Concave radiating pedalboard.
  • Has Combination Action Thumb Pistons
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Database Manager on May 23, 2013:

Identified through online information from Bill Habermann. -- I am a retired organist (played 45 yrs.) I bought the organ when the church needed the storage room for a classroom. It is now in Tacoma , WA. I have enjoyed having this organ in my home in St. Paul ... a joy to practice at home and then go to my church to play services. When I moved to WA State I took the organ along and set it up in my detached/heated garage. I did not bring the swell chamber walls - so the entire organ is unenclosed. The Swell Pedal does not function but the Crescendo Pedal does. There is one toe stud for Grt to Ped / Reversable. The 16' Pedal has only the Bourdon with a wind limiter that causes it to be the Lieblich Gedackt when the 16' Bourdon tap is off. I have been wanting to sell the organ for around $1000.00 (as is) - but seems I can't hardly give it away . Would love to see it restored and used in a small church or in a home.

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