Frank Roosevelt (1889)


Reformation Lutheran Church
B street near 8th street SE
Washington, DC US
Organ ID: 59523

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  • 11 ranks. 2 manuals.
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  • Manuals: 2
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An original installation. Identified by Steve Bartley, using information found in Washington Post Nov 4, 1889 pg8; Nov 2, 1889 pg1.

Church of the Reformation was built in 1889, at which time a 2,800 Roosevelt organ was installed. The organ would have been built in the Baltimore branch of the Roosevelt firm, managed by Adam Stein. As the Stein shop did not have power machinery until the early 20th century, it is possible that pipe and parts were sent to his shop from the larger NY factory. In the late 1890s the Library of congress wished to expand , by the building of a new building. Church of the redeemer was forced out, and built a new building, a few blocks away. The Lewis & Hitchcock card file carried an entry for the organ as they were asked to evaluate the instrument. Below is the content of their survey. The specification was a regular Roosevelt design with no stops above 4' pitch.

Make of Organ--Roosevelt
Built ---------1889
Original cost--$2500 to $3000
Our estimate for duplicating $7000
Depreciation---60% figured on a basis of the life of the organ.
Our estimate for moving and setting up in a new place Appro. $1000.00
Condition of the organ * Very Good
Allowance on new organ approx. $1200.00
Value in position to the Church estimated to be $3 TO 4,000.00
Organ is a permanent installation.
How fastened to floor:- As any other organ might be fastened. neither nailed or screwed. Posts are fastened to the wall by nails.
Motor bolted to concrete slab in vestibule under floor.
Cannot say whether organ was built special or not but would say that it was from observation and examination.
I do not know of any Roosevelt organ that was not built for a particular place.
Tracker pneumatic action.
37 front pipes @$5.00
350 sq ft. of case-work @$1.50

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