John Brown (1888)


Calvary Episcopal Church
3d st & Washington
Wilmington, DE US
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Technical Details:

  • 9 ranks.
Steven Bartley on October 09, 2020:

This is the first found notice that Brown was working independently, and to date, 1895 has been thought to be when he started his own firm, in Wilmington. Prior to this he is said to have been with Roosevelt.

The Evening Journal (Wilmington, Delaware) 15 Aug 1888, Wed Page 3

" John Brown is building a new organ in Calvary P. E. Church. It is a two manual, CC and AA, with fifty-eight notes, and an independent pedal of twenty-five notes. It has the following stops: Open diapason, dulciana, octave, piccolo, stop diapason, viola, unison, flute, sub bass, swell to great, swell to pedal, and octave coupler. The swell to pedal, with vertical lever is the second of its kind to be be used in this city. The new organ is in the front of the church on the left of the chancel, occupying 8feet-six inches by 10 feet floor space, and 12 feet high. The pipe all of which are speaking will be arranged in two towers in the front. They are richly decorated in gold and colors. The organ will be ready for use on the first Sunday in September at which time Mr. Brown will pay it. It will be run by a water motor now being put in by Miller & Jenkins."

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