Charles Viner & Son (Opus 154, 1900)


First Congregational Church
Salamanca, NY US
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Status and Condition:

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Technical Details:

  • 15 ranks.
Scot Huntington on February 28, 2021:

This is an early instrument listed in the Viner ledger book of instruments, built soon after Charles Viner left the employ of Johnson & Son to establish his own firm in Buffalo, New York. Viner bought the assets of the former Garret House organ company ca. 1898 and continued their instrument numbering. Viner's first instruments were virtually indistinguishable from the excellent instruments built in the last years of the Johnson company both tonally and in quality of construction. While the ledger entry for this instrument does not specify whether it had slider chests or the ventil chests Viner developed in 1900, it was built when Viner was building tracker action.

This organ and the structure where it was installed no longer exist, the history of this situation as yet unknown. A First Congregational Church in Salamanca installed a Wicks organ in 1941 (database 54630). A yellow brick building appearing to be of mid-century construction referred to colloquially about town as the "yellow church" was known in recent times as the merged United Congregational Methodist Church on 134 Broad Street, but separated from those denominations in 2019 and the congregation is now known as the Riverside Chapel.

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Viner ledger notebook.: Open In New Tab Viner ledger page 146; American Organ Archives. Originally published 1900
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