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Blackwood Theatre Organ Society (1981)

Originally Rudolph Wurlitzer Manufacturing Co. (Opus 1204, 1925)


Residence: Ben Robertson & Don Fink
Harrisburg, PA US
Organ ID: 67754

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We received the most recent update for this instrument's status from Jim Stettner on March 05, 2021.
Jim Stettner on March 05, 2021:

According to the online Wurlitzer Opus List this was a Style E, 2-manual, 7-rank instrument originally built for the State Theatre in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It was relocated to the David L. Junchen residence in Sherrard, Illinois in 1972 by an unknown person or firm (possibly David Junchen). The Wurlitzer Opus List says it was also relocated to Cicero's Pizza Restaurant in Roseville (Mineapolis), Minnesota in 1972. Unknown if any tonal or mechanical changes were made in that location. In 1981, it was relocated to the Harrisville, Pennsylvania residence of Ben Robertson and Don Fink with installation by the Blackwood Theatre Organ Society chapter. In 1986 it was relocated to a new residential?) location, and enlarged to 3-manuals and 20-ranks. It included parts from theaters in Wisconsin, from roller rinks and dance halls in Chicago, and from KDKA Radio.

We received the most recent update for this note from Jim Stettner on March 05, 2021.

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