Henry Erben (1841)


St. Luke's Episcopal Church
5421 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia: Germantown, PA 19144 US
Organ ID: 71964

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Status and Condition:

  • This instrument's location type is: Episcopal and Anglican Churches
  • The organ is no longer at this location; destroyed, dispersed, relocated or taken in trade.
  • The organ's condition is not playable.
We received the most recent update for this instrument's status from Paul R. Marchesano on October 20, 2022.
Paul R. Marchesano on October 20, 2022:

Replaced in 1857 by a Henry Knauff organ. Case front reused?

"In 1841, the Committee of Music reported "that it is no longer in their power to keep in proper tune and order the organ now in use . . . " and recommended the "substitution of a new and larger instrument." The Committee suggested selling the old organ for $150; the Rector was willing to forgive their debt due him on it as his contribution toward the purchase of a new one; the ladies would contribute up to $200 by means of a fair; a concert of Sacred Music once the new organ was installed, would provide up to $200 by sale of tickets at 50 cts. each; a special collection "while the town is filled with strangers from the city" might bring in $75; and subscriptions were expected to yield another $200, for a total of $700 to $800. "The new organ was installed that same year at a cost of six hundred and fifty dollars. " The proposed concert was never held, as the ladies raised five hundred dollars at their fair, "and the necessity of a concert was thereby obviated." The organ was built by Henry Erben; when St. Luke's was lengthened by thirty feet in 1851 , with the addition of a chancel and organ chamber, the Erben organ was enlarged." -- 1996 OHS Handbook

We received the most recent update for this note from Paul R. Marchesano on October 20, 2022.

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