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Builder and Opus Institution Location Size Attachments
Hellmuth Wolff & Associés (Opus 36, 1993) Visitation Parish R. C. Montréal QC, CA 2 manuals, 28 Ranks
S. R. Warren & Sons (1907) Originally S. R. Warren & Sons (1882) Visitation R. C. Church Île Dupas QC, CA 2 manuals, 10 Ranks
Lively-Fulcher Organbuilders (2004) Visitation Roman Catholic Church Kansas City MO, US 3 manuals, 40 Ranks
Austin Organ Co. (Opus 1670, 1929) Visitation Roman Catholic Church - Church Chicago IL, US 3 manuals, 28 Ranks
M. P. Möller (Opus 4801, 1920s) Visitation Roman Catholic Church Schuylerville NY, US 2 manuals
Hillgreen, Lane & Co. (Opus 879, 1926) Visitors Chapel A.M.E. Church Hot Springs AR, US
Visser-Rowland Associates (Opus 76, 1980ca.) Visser Rowland shop Houston TX, US 1 manuals, 4 Ranks
Wangerin Organ Co. (1914) Vitagraph Theatre Chicago IL, US 2 manuals
Unknown Builder (2013) Viva! Performing Arts School Dixon IL, US 2 manuals, 18 Ranks
M. P. Möller (Opus 3549, 1923ca.) Vogue Theatre Kenosha WI, US 2 manuals
Balcom and Vaughan (Opus 717, 1965) Volunteer Park Seventh-day Adventist Church Seattle WA, US 3 manuals, 8 Ranks
Mutchler Organ Co. (1973) Originally M. P. Möller (Opus 9821, 1963) Vriesland Reformed Church - Sanctuary Zeeland MI, US 2 manuals, 11 Ranks
Unknown Builder (1600s) W. Barry shop Andover MA, US 1 manuals
Estey Organ Co. (Opus 1864, 1920) W. C. & Louise Goodno Pasadena CA, US 3 manuals
Austin Organ Co. (Opus 861, 1920s) W. E. Malone's Store Providence RI, US 2 manuals, 4 Ranks
Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. (Opus 904, 1933) W. K. Kellogg Middle School - Auditorium Battle Creek MI, US 4 manuals, 72 Ranks
M. P. Möller (Opus 6343, 1932ca.) W. M. Strother, Incorporated Los Angeles CA, US 2 manuals
M. P. Möller (Opus 6129, 1932ca.) W. Mack Johnson Mortuary Cincinnati OH, US 2 manuals
Casavant Frères Ltée. (Opus 2612, 1960) W. Ross MacDonald School - Deafblind Unit Brantford ON, CA 3 manuals, 32 Ranks
Henry Pilcher's Sons (Opus 1171, 1923) W. S. Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church Forrest City AR, US 2 manuals
M. P. Möller (Opus 3137, 1923ca.) W.A. Goldsworthy Studio New York City: Manhattan NY, US 2 manuals
Estey Organ Co. (Opus 2910, 1931) W.F. Frederick Piano Co. Pittsburgh PA, US 2 manuals
M. P. Möller (Opus 6485, 1932ca.) W.F. Van Riper Wilmington DE, US 2 manuals
Estey Organ Co. (Opus 1171, 1913) W.H. Paling & Co. Sydney 11, AU 2 manuals
Austin Organ Co. (Opus 1362, 1920s) W.M. Jackson Funeral Parlor Cincinnati OH, US 2 manuals, 4 Ranks
Wm. A. Johnson (Opus 75, 1858) Wabash Avenue Methodist Church Chicago IL, US 2 manuals, 33 Ranks
Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. (Opus 935, 1935) Wabash College - Chapel Crawfordsville IN, US 3 manuals, 28 Ranks
Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 66, 1913) Waco Tribune Waco TX, US 2 manuals, 7 Ranks
M. P. Möller (Opus 10553, 1969ca.) Waconia Moravian Church Waconia MN, US 2 manuals, 4 Ranks
Robert Morton Organ Co. (1929) Wade Hamilton Organ & Piano Studio Tulsa OK, US 3 manuals, 10 Ranks
W. W. Kimball Co. (1927 ca.) Wade Park Manor Cleveland OH, US
Estey Organ Co. (Opus 1775, 1920) Wadesboro Methodist Episcopal Church, South Wadesboro NC, US
Henry Erben (1840ca.) Wadsworth Athaneum Hartford CT, US 1 manuals, 4 Ranks
Schantz Organ Co. (Opus 191, 1953) Wadsworth Methodist Church Wadsworth OH, US 2 manuals, 6 Ranks
M. P. Möller (Opus 4989, 1920s) Wadsworth Seventh-day Adventist Church Los Angeles CA, US 2 manuals
Welte-Mignon Corporation [Welte Organ Co.] (1925) Wagnalls Memorial Library - Auditorium Lithopolis OH, US 3 manuals