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Builder and Opus Institution Location Size Attachments
Unknown Builder St. Matthew German Evangelical Protestant Church Buffalo NY, US
Schantz Organ Co. (Opus 513, 1961) St Patrick's - Sanctuary. Balcony back of room Bascom OH, US 2 manuals
Marr & Colton (1922) Strand Theatre Niagara Falls NY, US 2 manuals
Schantz Organ Co. (Opus 464, 1959) Trinity Baptist Church Santa Monica CA, US
Roger A. Colby, Inc. (2006) Originally Austin Organs, Inc. (Opus 2682, 1984) St. John's Episcopal Cathedral Jacksonville FL, US 4 manuals
S. S. Hamill (1886) Presbyterian Church Waverly NY, US
W. W. Kimball Co. (1915) Regent Theatre Elmira NY, US 2 manuals
Peragallo Organ Co. (Opus 594, 1997) St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church Red Bank NJ, US 2 manuals
Peragallo Pipe Organ Co. (Opus 713, 2000's) St. Anthony of Padua Parish - Sanctuary; rear gallery Wilmington DE, US
Henry Pilcher's Sons (1905ca.) Protestant Sedalia MO, US 2 manuals
James Treat & Co. (Opus 3, 1889) St. George's Ebenezer Primitve Methodist Church Methuen MA, US 2 manuals
Vogelpohl & Spaeth (Opus 21, 1900) St. Luke Lutheran Church Wood Lake MN, US 2 manuals
Schudi Organ Co. (1985) Parkway Presbyterian Church Corpus Christi TX, US 2 manuals
Unknown Builder Emanuel Lutheran Church - Sanctuary; front Wittenberg WI, US
Jos. Gratian Disciples? Kansas City KS, US
Goodrich & Appleton (Opus 6, 1810) Congregational Phillipston MA, US 1 manuals
Hope-Jones Organ Co. (1909) Residence: Peter Plumb / Alfred Brinkler - Living room Portland ME, US 3 manuals
Hook & Hastings (Opus 1263, 1885) Christ Church, Episcopal - Chapel Hartford CT, US 1 manuals
Hook & Hastings (Opus 2282, 1911) First Church of Christ, Scientist Dubuque IA, US 2 manuals
E. & G. G. Hook (Opus 28, 1837) Trinitarian Congregational New Bedford MA, US 2 manuals
E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings (Opus 745, 1874) Methodist Church Aberdeen MS, US 2 manuals
E. & G. G. Hook (Opus 507, 1869) Church of the Messiah, Episcopal Glens Falls NY, US 2 manuals
E. & G. G. Hook (Opus 397, 1866) St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church Steubenville OH, US 2 manuals
E. & G. G. Hook (Opus 208, 1856) Congregational Society Bristol RI, US 2 manuals
Henry Pilcher's Sons (Opus 1343, 1926) First Presbyterian Andalusia AL, US 2 manuals
Henry Pilcher's Sons (Opus 832.5, 1914) St. Paul's African Methodist Episcopal Valdosta GA, US
Henry Pilcher's Sons (Opus 1424, 1928) St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church Detroit MI, US 3 manuals
Henry Pilcher's Sons (Opus 1818, 1936) First Presbyterian Church Bay City TX, US 2 manuals
Kimball, Smallman & Frazee (1922) Christ Church, Episcopal Fitchburg MA, US
Kinzey-Angerstein (1970s) Originally Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. (Opus 968-C, 1964) Bruton Parish Church, Episcopal Williamsburg VA, US 4 manuals
Estey Organ Co. (Opus 200, 1904) St. JohnÂ’s Evangelical Lutheran Mercersburg PA, US 2 manuals
Estey Organ Co. (Opus 461, 1907) Central Christian Church Houston TX, US 2 manuals
Estey Organ Co. (Opus 716, 1909) St. Martin's Episcopal Church Omaha NE, US 2 manuals
Estey Organ Co. (Opus 1117, 1913) St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church Mount Carmel IL, US 2 manuals
Estey Organ Co. (Opus 1591, 1917) Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Apostles Philadelphia PA, US 2 manuals
Estey Organ Co. (Opus 1976, 1922) Residence: E.T. Guymon San Diego CA, US 2 manuals