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Builder and Opus Institution Location Size Attachments
A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company (2008) Newberry A.R.P. Church Newberry SC, US 2 manuals, 11 Ranks
Granville Wood (1886) Second Congregational Church Salem MI, US 2 manuals
M. P. Möller First Unitarian Cleveland OH, US 3 manuals
Czelusniak et Dugal, Inc. (2008) Originally Casavant Frères Ltée. (Opus 2791, 1964) St. Theresa of Lisieux Roman Catholic Church South Hadley MA, US 3 manuals, 46 Ranks
Henry Erben (1892) Originally Henry Erben & Co. (1840) Katsbaan Reformed Church - Sanctuary Saugerties NY, US 3 manuals
Humpe Organ Company (1981) St. Brendan the Navigator Church (Catholic) Hilliard OH, US 2 manuals, 12 Ranks
A. J. Schantz, Sons & Co. (1922) Oak Park Methodist Episcopal Church - Sanctuary Flint MI, US 2 manuals, 10 Ranks
A. J. Schantz, Sons & Co. (1910) Krettner Street Evangelical Church Buffalo NY, US 2 manuals, 13 Ranks
Christian Eriksen & Assoc. (2011) Originally Charles M. Ruggles (Pipe Organs) (Opus 19, 1989) Wheaton College-Conservatory Wheaton IL, US
Duys Organ Co. Originally Schaefer Organ Company Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church Eau Claire WI, US 2 manuals, 15 Ranks
Jan van Daalen (1978) Originally E.M. Skinner & Son (Opus 516, 1938) Lakewood Cemetery, Memorial Chapel Minneapolis MN, US 2 manuals, 6 Ranks
Peragallo Pipe Organ Co. (2012) Originally Skinner Organ Co. (Opus 826, 1930) Emmanuel Reformed United Church of Christ - Sanctuary Hanover PA, US 4 manuals, 51 Ranks
Hinners Organ Co. (1909) St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Sanctuary Willowdell OH, US 1 manuals, 6 Ranks
Reuter Organ Co. (1950ca.) Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church Beavercreek OH, US 2 manuals, 5 Ranks
Keith Bigger Residence: Keith Bigger New York City: Queens (Cambria Heights) NY, US 2 manuals, 6 Ranks
Geneva Organ Co. (1927) Originally Marr & Colton (1926) Arcada Theatre St. Charles IL, US 3 manuals, 16 Ranks
Dan Garland (1987) First Baptist Church Tyler TX, US 3 manuals, 54 Ranks
Unknown Builder (1995) Originally M. P. Möller (Opus Opus 8824, 1955) St. Mark's Episcopal Church Plainfield IN, US 2 manuals
Robert Morton Organ Co. (1928) Main Street Theatre Tulsa OK, US 2 manuals, 4 Ranks
Barton Organs (1921) Majestic Theatre Madison WI, US 2 manuals, 3 Ranks
Robert-Morton Company (1924) Multnomah Theatre Portland OR, US 2 manuals
W. Zimmer & Sons, Inc. (1991) First Presbyterian Church Brandon FL, US 2 manuals, 15 Ranks
Robert-Morton Company (1923ca.) KFKB Radio Milford KS, US 2 manuals, 3 Ranks
Unknown Builder (1995before) Follen Community, Unitarian Universalist Lexington MA, US
W. W. Kimball Co. (1926) Rosewood Methodist Church Los Angeles CA, US 2 manuals
Page Organ Co. (1927) Residence Westerville OH, US 2 manuals, 7 Ranks
(Ivan P.) Morel & Associates (2005) Originally Henry Pilcher's Sons (Opus 1389, 1927) Polk Street United Methodist Church / Polk Street Methodist Episcopal Church Amarillo TX, US 4 manuals, 45 Ranks
Rivé Pipe Organ Co. (2004) Originally Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 2789, 1947) Our Lady of the Gulf Roman Catholic Church Bay Saint Louis MS, US 2 manuals, 29 Ranks
R. A. Colby, Inc. (2007) Originally Casavant Frères Ltée. (Opus 2595, 1960) Grace Episcopal Church - Santuary Providence RI, US 4 manuals
Abbott & Sieker (1981) Grace Presbyterian Church (formerly First Presbyterian Church) Las Vegas NV, US 2 manuals, 32 Ranks
S.G. Bullions & Co. (1970) Originally Austin Organ Co. (Opus 1765, 1931) St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Pottsville PA, US 1 manuals, 6 Ranks
Henry Niemann (1891) St. John's Methodist Protestant Chapel Baltimore MD, US 10 Ranks
Hinners Organ Co. (1915) St. Francis Roman Catholic Church - Sanctuary; rear gallery Munjor KS, US 2 manuals, 7 Ranks
A. J. Schantz, Sons & Co. (1926) Grace Episcopal Church Cleveland OH, US 2 manuals, 10 Ranks
Barton Organs (1927) New Pershing Theatre Chicago IL, US 2 manuals
Lauck Pipe Organ Co. (2016) Originally Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 3025, 1949) St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Sanctuary St. Joseph MI, US 2 manuals, 8 Ranks