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Builder and Opus Institution Location Size Attachments
Steiner Organs, Inc. (1969) Louisville Bach Society Louisville KY, US 1 manuals, 3 Ranks
Hook & Hastings (Opus 30-B, 1880s ?) Originally E. & G. G. Hook (Opus 30, 1837) Residence: William King Covell Newport RI, US 1 manuals
Geo. H. Ryder (2000ca.) Originally Geo. H. Ryder (1875ca.) Middleton Congregational Church Middleton MA, US 2 manuals, 14 Ranks
John S. Steere (Opus 178, 1883) First Reformed Church Syracuse NY, US 2 manuals
W. J. Staub (1902ca.) Geddes United Church of Christ / Korean Presbyterian Church Syracuse NY, US
Richard Schneider / Schneider Pipe Organs, Inc. (Opus 8, 1988) Residence: Richard Schneider Niantic IL, US 2 manuals, 19 Ranks
J. W. Steere & Sons (1910) Studio: Douglas Jon Reicher Syracuse NY, US 2 manuals
The Ernest M. Skinner Co. (Opus 275, 1917) St. Bartholomew Church, Episcopal New York City: Manhattan NY, US 4 manuals, 122 Ranks
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (1880ca.) St. Peter's Lutheran Church New Memphis IL, US 1 manuals
Garret House (1875ca.) Assumption R. C. - {St. Mary's?] Swormville NY, US 2 manuals, 19 Ranks
Bond Pipe Organs Inc. (Opus 24, 1995) St. John's Episcopal Church Snohomish WA, US 2 manuals, 10 Ranks
M. P. Möller (Opus 1141, 1910) St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church Montgomery AL, US 2 manuals, 9 Ranks
Hinners Organ Co. (1920) Swede Valley Lutheran Swede Valley IA, US 2 manuals, 7 Ranks
Holtkamp (Opus 1906, 1973) Swarthmore College - Continuo Swarthmore PA, US 1 manuals, 5 Ranks
Holtkamp Organ Co. (Opus Job No. 1912, 1975) Swarthmore College - Lang Concert Hall Swarthmore PA, US 3 manuals, 44 Ranks
Hinners Organ Co. (Opus 1466, 1912) Memorial United Methodist Swanton VT, US 2 manuals, 11 Ranks
Unknown Builder Lutheran Norway MI, US 2 manuals
Hinners Organ Co. (1915) First United Methodist Mason City IL, US 2 manuals
Casavant Frères Ltée. (Opus 3412, 1979) St. Luke-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church New York City: Manhattan NY, US 2 manuals, 34 Ranks
Schlicker Organ Co. (1973) University of Wisconsin-Superior - Webb Recital Hall Superior WI, US 2 manuals, 31 Ranks
Unknown Builder (1870ca.) Residence: John L. Beckham Manhattan Beach CA, US 1 manuals
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (Opus 4035) Sisters of St. Francis Convent - Chapel Rochester MN, US
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (1890ca.) None Sun Valley CA, US 2 manuals
Roy A. Redman (Organ Co.) (Opus 50, 1987) Originally Henry Pilcher's Sons (Opus 782, 1913) Advent Episcopal Sumner MS, US 2 manuals, 12 Ranks
George Jardine & Son (1869) Residence: (Rev.) Stanley Smathers Sumner MS, US 1 manuals
Skinner Organ Co. (Opus 406, 1923) All Saints Episcopal Church Worcester MA, US 4 manuals, 52 Ranks
Unknown Builder (1967) St. John's Lutheran Church - Chapel Summit NJ, US 1 manuals, 3 Ranks
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (1890) Judson College - Auditorium Marion AL, US 3 manuals
Holtkamp Organ Co. (Opus 1839, 1969) St. John's Lutheran Church Summit NJ, US 2 manuals, 31 Ranks
Flentrop Orgelbouw (1977) Unitarian Church Summit NJ, US 2 manuals, 15 Ranks
H. H. Vogelpohl & Sons (Opus 55, 1908) St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Summit SD, US 2 manuals
Wm. Schuelke Organ Co. (1890ca.) Our Lady of Spring Bank Monastery Summit WI, US 1 manuals
Steiner Organs, Inc. (1975) First Christian Church Mount Sterling KY, US 2 manuals, 24 Ranks
Bedient Pipe Organ Company (Opus 23, 1986) Luther Memorial Lutheran Church - Nave Madison WI, US 1 manuals, 3 Ranks
Gress-Miles Organ Co. (1981) First Church of Christ, Congregational Suffield CT, US 3 manuals, 55 Ranks
William W. Laws Originally Henry Erben (185) St. Anne's R. C. New York City: Manhattan NY, US 3 manuals, 45 Ranks