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Builder and Opus Institution Location Size Attachments
Unknown Builder (1974) Originally Delaware Organ Co. (1959) Christ Episcopal Church Clayton NY, US 2 manuals, 12 Ranks
Tellers Organ Co. First Presbyterian Church Wyoming PA, US 2 manuals, 11 Ranks
Wangerin-Weickhardt Co. (1922) Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Church Dubuque IA, US 2 manuals, 18 Ranks
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (1927ca.) Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church Toledo OH, US
Milnar Organ Co. (1994) St. Edward Roman Catholic Church Nashville TN, US 2 manuals, 43 Ranks
John-Paul Buzard Organ Craftsmen / Buzard Pipe Organ Builders (2016) Originally Robert Noehren (1963) Holy Spirit Lutheran Church Charleston SC, US 3 manuals, 36 Ranks
Wicks Organ Co. (2008) Originally Schantz Organ Co. (Opus 650, 1964) First United Methodist Church - Console only Tulsa OK, US 4 manuals, 114 Ranks
Scott Wick (2017) Originally Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 5809, 1980) Our Lady of Lebanon Basilica and National Shrine North Jackson OH, US 2 manuals, 17 Ranks
Schantz Organ Co. (1983) St. John's Episcopal Church Worthington OH, US 3 manuals, 33 Ranks
The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. Trousdale Castle Placentia CA, US 3 manuals, 26 Ranks
Schlicker Organ Co. (1984) First Presbyterian Church Batavia NY, US 2 manuals, 36 Ranks
Hope-Jones Organ Co. (1910) St. John's Episcopal Church Elmira Heights NY, US 2 manuals
Bunn=Minnick Co. (1991) Our Savior Lutheran Church Pepper Pike OH, US 2 manuals
Goulding & Wood, Inc. (1980) Originally Schantz Organ Co. (Opus 766, 1966) First Evangelical Presbyterian Church Kokomo IN, US 3 manuals, 28 Ranks
J. Bear (1846) Roman Catholic Church Cumberland MD, US
Casavant Frères Ltée. (2001) Originally Schantz Organ Co. (1960) First United Methodist Church - Sanctuary Birmingham AL, US 4 manuals, 62 Ranks
Eusèbe Brodeur (1888) Église Saint-Georges - Parish Church Cacouna QC, CA 20 Ranks
David Tannenberg (1793) Moravian Single Brothers House - Small Chapel Lititz PA, US 1 manuals, 4 Ranks
Philipp Wirsching (1911) Methodist Episcopal Church Salem OH, US 2 manuals, 15 Ranks
James Paine & Co. (1899) Trinity Episcopal Church Menlo Park CA, US 8 Ranks
Hinners Organ Co. Evangelical Church Midland MI, US 2 manuals
Henry Erben (1872) Washington & Lee University - Lee Chapel Lexington VA, US 1 manuals, 7 Ranks
Berkshire Organ Co., Inc. (1978) Originally E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings (1870's) St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church - Sanctuary; rear gallery Bondsville MA, US
Temple Organ Co. (2017) Originally Walmer A. "Gus" Brummer (1957-63) Wyatt Park Christian Church - Sanctuary St. Joseph MO, US 3 manuals
S. S. Hamill (1890ca.) Congregational UCC Monterey MA, US 2 manuals, 10 Ranks
Hinners Organ Co. Methodist Church Marshall IL, US 2 manuals
Carl Barckhoff [Sr] St. Rose Roman Catholic Church Cincinnati OH, US 2 manuals
William J. Stuart & Bros. (1890ca.) St. Mary's R. C. Coxsackie NY, US 2 manuals, 29 Ranks
Edward Lye & Sons Residence: William Worden Detroit MI, US 1 manuals
Unknown Builder First Methodist Episcopal Church Emporia KS, US 2 manuals
Bates & Culley (1905) Christ United Lutheran Church Hamilton Square PA, US 2 manuals
Harvey & Zimmer (1975) Grand Opera Houston TX, US 1 manuals
Unknown Builder (1892) Originally Hilborne L. Roosevelt (Opus 80, 1881) St. Ansgarius Episcopal Church - Sanctuary Providence RI, US
John Huening (1994) Originally Hutchings Organ Co. (Opus 157, 1886) St. Joseph's Catholic Church - Sanctuary Port St. Joe FL, US 2 manuals, 7 Ranks
Geo. S. Hutchings (& Co.) (1891) James J. Hill House - Art Gallery St. Paul MN, US 2 manuals, 17 Ranks
R. O. Rowe Organs (1971) Residence: F.I. McClanahan / Paris Junior College Alumni Center Paris TX, US 2 manuals