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Builder and Opus Institution Location Size Attachments
Unknown Builder Originally Flentrop Orgelbouw (1971) Residence: John Ruch Dunwoody GA, US
W. W. Kimball Co. (1916) First Church of Christ, Scientist Oak Park IL, US 29 Ranks
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (Opus 6175, 1941) Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Columbus OH, US 3 manuals, 26 Ranks
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (Opus 6013, 1938) Originally Rudolph Wurlitzer Manufacturing Co. WLAC Radio Nashville TN, US 4 manuals, 12 Ranks
William King (1896 ca.) Originally Garret House (1865) First Presbyterian Church Elmira NY, US 2 manuals
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (1938) Originally Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (1914) Bethany Evangelical Church St. Louis MO, US 3 manuals, 36 Ranks
William King (1870) First Baptist Church Elmira NY, US
William King (1866-1868) First Presbyterian Church Corning NY, US
Flentrop Orgelbouw (1939) New York World's Fair - Netherlands Pavilion New York City: Queens (Flushing Meadows) NY, US 2 manuals, 15 Ranks
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (Opus 6045, 1938) St. Edward Catholic Church Palm Beach FL, US 3 manuals, 30 Ranks
Austin Organs, Inc. (Opus 2022A, 1974) Originally Austin Organs, Inc. (Opus 2022, 1939) St. John United Methodist Church Augusta GA, US 3 manuals, 28 Ranks
Theodore Gilbert & Associates Originally Reuter Organ Co. (Opus 1378, 1962) First Baptist Church Worcester MA, US 4 manuals, 88 Ranks
Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 2045, 1939) Putnam Catholic Academy / Immaculate Conception Retreat Center - Chapel; rear gallery Putnam CT, US 2 manuals, 3 Ranks
Reuter Organ Co. (Opus 206, 1939) Originally Reuter Organ Co. (Opus 206, 1926) Lutheran Teachers College - Chapel Seward NE, US 3 manuals, 23 Ranks
M. P. Möller (1955) Originally Unknown Builder (1937) First Methodist Church Troy PA, US
Delaware Organ Co. (1966) Originally Hillgreen, Lane & Co. (Opus 1216, 1957) First Presbyterian Church - Sanctuary; rear gallery Bath NY, US
Kohl Organ Co. (1950) Originally W. J. Staub (1900) First Methodist Church Canton PA, US
Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 2000, 1939) First Lutheran Church Chicago IL, US 3 manuals, 22 Ranks
Austin Organ Co. (Opus 1849, 1934s) Mount Zion Lutheran Church Kutztown PA, US 11 Ranks
Bedient Pipe Organ Company (Opus 12, 1979) St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Sanctuary Roswell NM, US
Unknown Builder Originally Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. (Opus 1519, 1971) Residence: Dr. N. Seth Nelson San Antonio TX, US 2 manuals, 7 Ranks
Frazee Organ Co. (1938) Residence: Paul F. Benton Bangor ME, US 3 manuals, 20 Ranks
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (1940) Longview Hospital - St. Dymphna Chapel Cincinnati OH, US 2 manuals
Wangerin Organ Co. (1940) First Christian Reformed Church of Roseland Chicago IL, US 3 manuals, 30 Ranks
Unknown Builder (2006) Originally Frobenius Orgelbyggeri Holy Family Roman Catholic Church - Upper Gallery Chicago IL, US 29 Ranks
Unknown Builder (19__) Originally Unknown Builder (18__) St James Church - Mary, Queen of the Apostles Parish - Sanctuary; rear gallery Salem MA, US
Unknown Builder (18__) St. James Roman Catholic Church - Sanctuary; rear gallery Salem MA, US
W. W. Kimball Co. (1917) Holy Communion Episcopal Church Charleston SC, US 2 manuals
Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 3006, 1949) Saint John Lutheran Church - Sanctuary; rear gallery Markesan WI, US 2 manuals, 7 Ranks
Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 3686, 1956) Wellspring United Methodist Church - Sanctuary Madison WI, US 6 Ranks
Taylor & Boody Organbuilders (2007) Originally David Tannenberg (1798) Salem Gemeinhaus /Old Salem Single Brothers' House Winston-Salem (Old Salem) NC, US 5 Ranks
Unknown Builder Originally M. P. Möller (Opus 10075, 1965) St. Patrick's Church - Sanctuary Forest City MO, US 3 Ranks
Page Organ Co. Originally Page Organ Co. (Opus 1922, 1922) Allen County Museum Lima OH, US 2 manuals, 4 Ranks
M. P. Möller (1940) Originally M. P. Möller (1916) Central Methodist Church Montevideo, UY 3 manuals, 24 Ranks
Kohl Organ Co. (1940) Christ Lutheran Church Rochester NY, US 3 manuals, 16 Ranks
Hall Organ Co. (1940) First Baptist Church New Brunswick NJ, US 3 manuals, 28 Ranks