Green Bay, Wisconsin
First Presbyterian Church

Philip J. Swartz - Major rebuild and enlarging of 1928 Wangerin Organ

GREAT (Unenclosed)

16'  Bourdon (SW)
8'   Diapason
8'   Hohl Flute
4'   Octave
4'   Hohl Flute (Ext)
2'   Fifteenth
IV   Mixture
8'   Trumpet (SW)
8'   Oboe (SW)

Great to Great 16
Great to Great 4
Unison Off
MIDI to Great

SWELL (Expressive)

8'   Principal
8'   Bourdon
8'   Salicional
8'   Vox Celeste (TC)
4'   Principal (Ext)
4'   Bourdon (Ext)
2 2/3' Nazard
2'   Block Flute (Ext)
8'   Trumpet
8'   Oboe
4'   Trumpet (Ext)

Swell to Swell 16
Swell to Swell 4
Unison Off
MIDI to Swell


32'  Resultant
16'  Principal (GT)
16'  Bourdon (SW)
8'   Octave (GT)
8'   Flute (SW)
4'   Choral Bass (GT)
4'   Flute (SW)
2'   Contus Firmus (GT)
32'  Trumpet (1-12 Digital)
16'  Trumpet (SW)
8'   Trumpet (SW)
4'   Trumpet (SW)

MIDI to Pedal



Standard Couplers
Swell to Great   16'  8'  4'
Great to Pedal   8'   4'
Swell to Pedal   8'   4'

Syndyne Organ Control System

64 levels of memory
8 general pistons
6 divisional pistons per division
4 programmable crescendos
Playback ready

The (Ext) references are mine based on studying the stoplist and examining the Pipe Chamber.  However I have been told the organ now has 19 ranks, though the number of ranks was not listed in the dedication Concert program nor anywhere on the organ (there is no builders label at this time on the organ) so it is possible some of the stops listed as (Ext) could be separate full ranks.

 [Received from Rodney J. Weed 2012-10-16.]
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