Richmond, Virginia
   Third Christian Church / St. Paul's Baptist Church

   Mason & Hamlin   ca.1907

   GREAT                   SWELL               PEDAL
8' Open Diapason        8' Stop Diapason   16' Bourdon
8' Melodia              8' Salicional
8' Dulciana             8' Aeoline
4' Flute Harmonique     8' Vox Celeste
                        4' Violine

   Swell to Great          TOE PEDALS:
   Swell to Great 4        Piano
   Great to Pedal          Full Organ
   Bellows Signal          Great to Pedal reversible

   61-note manuals; 30-note pedal; tubular-pneumatic

  [Received online from Jeff Scofield May 27, 2013]
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