Seattle, Washington
Church of St. John, RC

W.W. KIMBALL CO., Opus 6613, 1924
W.W. Kimball Co., Opus ____, 1926 - Added 2-ranks
Balcom and Provorse, 1930 -  Electrification & Installation

GREAT (Expressive)                           COUPLERS - Undocumented
   8'     Open Diapason             61          Swell to Pedal  ?
   8'     Melodia                   61          Great to Pedal  ?
   8'     Dulciana                  61
                                                Swell to Great  ?
   Intra-manual couplers: undocumented

                                             FINGER PISTONS
SWELL (Expressive)                              None
   8'     Stopped Diapason          61
   8'     Salicional                61
   8'     Voix Celeste (1926) (tc)  49       TOE STUDS
   8'     Oboe                      61          Undocumented
   8'     Vox Humana   (1926)       61
                                             PEDAL MOVEMENTS
   Intra-manual couplers: undocumented          Expression                   (bal.)  
                                                Crescendo                    (bal.)

PEDAL (Expressive *)
   16'    Bourdon                   30

ACTION: E-P Ventil & Unit      VOICES: 9      STOPS: 9      RANKS: 9      PIPES: 506

This organ was originally built as a tubular-pneumatic 2-7 with ventil chests in 1924
for the original Paramount Theatre in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood. It was en-
larged by 2-ranks two years later in 1926 by Kimball. The theatre was later renamed
the Guild 45th .

It was removed from the theatre, electrified, and re-installed at the Church of St. 
John (RC) in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood in 1930-31. The Balcom and Vaughan opus
list confirms the organ was Kimball, and confirms the date as 1930, but says simply,
“(ex-theatre) electrif.”

A photo of the organ by William J. Bunch of Balcom and Vaughan showing the console as
installed at St. John's reveals that the organ had  straight stoprail and no combina-
tion action.

The stoplist is taken from the extant original 1924 and 1926 chests, and from remaining
original pipework in the organ as rebuilt in 1973 by Balcom and Vaughan. The Great 8'
Dulciana was actually a tapered rank marked, “M. Viol” [Muted Viol].

Sources: Kimball opus list; Balcom and Vaughan opus list; JRS; extant components

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2013-06-01.]
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