Pierrepont Manor, New York  
Zion Episcopal Church
George Jardine, 1842

MANUAL (Non-expressive)       Pipes

[8'] Dulciana            (tg)  35 
[8'] St. Diapason Treble (tg)  35
[8'] St. Diapason Bass         18
[4'] Principal                 53

This organ has a barrel mechanism in which pins in a long cylinder
play the organ as the cylinder is turnd by a hand crank. There are
two barrels, each with eleven tunes.

The pitches are not listed on the stopknobs. The 4' Principal label
was missing at the 1970 OHS Convention.

The manual compass is 53-notes from CC to f3, but with no CC#. The
manual can be slid into the case horizontally when not in use. Slide
tuners have been added to the metal pipes at some point.
Submitted by T. Daniel Hancock (2013-11-18)
Updated by James R. stettner (2020-12-25)
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