Everett, Washington
First Methodist Episcopal Church

W.W. KIMBALL CO., Opus ____, ca. 1908 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                        COUPLERS
   8   Open Diapason                61          Swell to Pedal                  [8]
   8   Melodia                      61          Great to Pedal                  [8]
   8   Dulciana                     61
   4   Principal                    61          Swell to Great                  [8]
                                                Swell to Great Octaves          [4]

SWELL (Expressive)
   8   Violin Diapason              61       FINGER PISTONS
   8   Stopped Diapason             61          Undocumented 
   8   Gamba                        61
   8   Salicional                   61
   4   Flute Harmonic               61       FOOT LEVERS
    Tremolo                                     Gr. to Ped.                   (rev)

PEDAL                                        PEDAL MOVEMENTS
   16  Bourdon                      30          Swell Expression             (bal.)

ACTION: T-P ventil       VOICES: 10       STOPS: 10       RANKS: 10       PIPES: 579

The exact nomenclature of stops and controls is not docuemnted nor verifiable. The
preceding specification was taken from the files of Balcom and Vaughan. The organ
was electrified by Balcom and Vaughan of Seattle, Washington in 1945 with one added
Pedal stop and an almost full complement of intra-manual and inter-divisional couplers.

Sources: Balcom and Vaughan files

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2014-02-12.]
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