Federated Church, Turner, ME
1848 Henry Erben
(Stoplist: OH 1963:21, OH 1992:49)

Manual (enclosed, 61 notes, GGG-g3)
8' Open Diapason [TF] (m)*
8' St. Diapason Treble [TF] [Stop'd in OH 1992] (w)*
8' St. Diapason Bass (22 pipes, w)  [Stop'd in OH 1992]*
8' Dulciana (61 pipes) (m)*
4' Principal Treble [TF] (m)*
4' Principal Bass (22 pipes, w&m)*
4' Flute [TF] (m)*
2 2/3' Twelfth [TF] (m)
2' Fifteenth (61 pipes, m)*

Pedal (13 notes, GGG-GG)
16' Sub Bass (w)

Pedal Check*
Pedals and Keys (coupler)

*Porcelain knobs
Hitchdown Swell pedal

Manual keyboard slides in to permit closure of keydesk door. The porcelain stopknobs are unusual, and appear to be original, as do the standard stopknobs. There seems to be no obvious explanation for the difference. The Stop'd Diapason, treble 8' pipes and those of the Flute 4' are Chimney Flutes. All the metal pipework is common metal.

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