High River, Alberta, Canada
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Hinners Organ Co., Opus ___, 1908 - Original Specifications 

MANUAL (Expressive *)                       COUPLERS (Drawknob)
16 Bourdon Treble         (mc)  37 *        Man Octave Coupler
16 Bourdon Bass           (tc)  12 *
                                            Pedal Coupler
8  Open Diapason Treble   (mc)  37
8  Open Diapason Bass           24
                                            FOOT LEVERS (l-r)
8  Lieblich Gedackt Treble(mc)  37 *        Piano - 8' Liebl Ged.           (s-a)
8  Lieblich Gedackt Bass        24 *
                                            Forte - 8' Liebl Ged., 4' Prin. (s-a)
8  Viola d'Gamba Treble   (mc)  37 *
8  Viola d'Gamba Bass           12 *
                                            PEDAL MOVEMENTS
4  Principal Treble       (mc)  37          Expression                     (bal.)
4  Principal Bass               24

4  Flute Treble           (mc)  37 *
4  Flute Bass                   24 *
                                            ACTION: Mech. key & stop
                                            VOICES: 7

                                            STOPS: 13
PEDAL (27 notes)
16  Ped Bourdon                 15          RANKS: 7

 Bellows Signal                             PIPES: 357

This Hinners organ was a stock model instrument, specification number 7 in
case design "A". The keydesk is attached and projecting. Wind was supplied
by hand pumping. The pedalboard is flat and parallel. The façade contains
25 pipes arranged in two end towers and one middle tower connected by two
flats as follows: 3 - 7 - 5 - 7 - 3. This façade contains the first __ pipes
of the 8' Open Diapason. The pipes were originally stenciled, but have since
been painted gold. An early   Hinners catalogue lists the sale price of this
organ as $635.00.

It was originally built for St. Anne's R.C. Church atop Queen Anne Hill in
Seattle, and served there for about 55 years. In the early 1960's, St. Anne's
decided to build a new edifice, and the Hinners was to be replaced. Eugene M.
Nye - Tonal Director for Balcom and Vaughan Pipe Organs in Seattle - knew of
the instrument's availability. Through his friend, Mr. D. Stuart Kennedy of
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the Hinners found its way to Redeemer Lutheran
Church in Edmonton, Alberta in 1963. Mr. Kennedy was involved in the instal-
lation of the instrument.

Redeemer Lutheran, like St. Anne's before, built a new sanctuary and acquired
a new, larger organ. The Hinners fell into disuse, so word went out that the
Hinners was available for the taking to any church group who would remove the

Good Shepherd Lutheran in High River, Alberta answered the call. The organ
was removed by parishioners with Mr. Stuart Kennedy again directing, and it
was reassembled by members of the congregation at its new home in High River.
Mr. Steve Miller of Pipework in Alberta was professionally engaged to repair
some damaged pipes. The organ was dedicated in worship and music on May 25,
1997 at 7:00 p.m.  Just over a year later, on June 7, 1998, the congregation
celebrated again when   the organ received Historic Designation from the Organ
Historical Society of Richmond, VA.

The unenclosed ranks are the manual 8' Open Diapason and 4' Principal, and the
Pedal 16' Bourdon. The first 12 notes of the 8' Viola d'Gamba are grooved to
the bass of the 8' Lieblich Gedackt.

Sources: The American Organist, April 1998, Vol. 32, No. 4, "Miscellanea
         Organica", page 77;  Mr. D. Stuart Kennedy; Good Shepherd Lutheran
         Church documents.

Good Shepherd Lutheran
910 12th Avenue S.W.
High River, Alberta T1V 1A9

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[Augmented by James R. Stettner 2020-10-20.]
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