Shreveport, Louisiana
Willow Point Baptist


16' Bourdon
 8' Principal
 8' Bourdon
 8' Gemshorn
 4' Octave
 4' Rohrflote
 2' Waldflote
III Mixture


 8' Gedeckt
 8' Viola Pomposa
 8' Viola Celeste
 4' Principal
 4' Spitzflote
 2' Principal
III Plein Jeu
16' Basson
 8' Trompette
 8' Hautbois(ext)
 4' Clairon(ext)


 8' Rohrflote
 8' Erzahler
 8' Erzahler Celeste
 4' Prestant
 4' Koppelflote
 2' Octavin
 II Sesquialterea
III Cymbale
 8' Krumhorn
 8' Bombarde


16' Principal
16' Subbass
16' Bourdon(GT)
 8' Principal(ext)
 8' Flute(ext)
 8' Gemshorn(Gt)
 4' Choral Bass(ext)
 4' Flute(ext)
 2' Principal(ext)
III Mixture
16' Bombarde
16' Basson(SW)
 8' Bombarde(Ext)
 8' Hautbois(Ext)
 4' Hautbois(Ext)
 4' Hautbois
The Great Bourdon 16' was somewhat small scale and moved from the original pedal division.  It replaced a  16' Gemshorn extension, which would not fit in the chamber space. The 8' rank of the Gemshorn remained in the Great.  A new large-scale 16' Subbass rank was installed in the pedal division. The lower 6 pipes of the pedal 16' Principal were "Haskelled" and functioned very well.  The choir was left unenclosed in the new building as this was supposed to be a "temporary" installation.  The future plans were to build a larger sanctuary and re-install the organ but unfortunately, this never took place.  The organ was originally built for the Queensborough Baptist Church in 1964 and was moved to the Willow Point location in 1979-80 where it was in regular use until about 2001. The organ contained 40 ranks of pipes.  The pipes remain in the church, but the console has been sold.

 [Received from Robert Holland 2014-04-22.]
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