Oxford, Connecticut
St. Peter's Episcopal Church
ca. 1855-1860  Jardine & Son

Manual compass: C-g56 
Pedal compass: post-1952 AGO pedalboard 30 notes, only the original
      18 notes operate through the coupler, pedal chest 12 notes, C-B only.
* labels missing 2001, but were intact when visited by Barbara Owen
     in the late 1950s.

8' Open Diapason     t.f.
8' Melodia           t.f.
8' Stop'd Bass       1-17
4' Principal 
4' Flute             t.f. on jump slide, wood bass, then chimney flute
8' Cremona*          t.f. reed pipes long gone, now bell gamba         

SWELL (enclosed, horizontal shades, mechanism removed post-1950)
(all stops only to tenor-C, bottom octave coupler to pedal)
16' Bourdon 16'      wood
8'  Stop'd Diap. 8'  wood tenor, metal chimney flute trebles
8'  Clariana         bell gamba
8'  Dulciana
4'  Principal*
3'  Twelfth 
2'  Flageolet*       actually a 15th
8'  Oboe             replaced with spurious Vox Humana, now also missing
                        remnants of 15 Oboe pipes lying in the tower

PEDAL (18-notes to couplers but only 12 pipes)
16' Bourdon 
8'  Violoncello  (bell gamba)

Swell to Great
Sw. to Gr. Octaves
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal (disconnected)
Bellows Signal

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