Griffin, Georgia
First Presbyterian Church

Organ by Henry Pilcher's Sons

Stop list        

Open Diapason        8    
Melodia              8    
Dulciana             8  common bass with Melodia    
Octave               4         

Violin Diapason      8    
Stopped Diapason     8    
Flute Harmonique     4    
Dolce                8  (REPLACED WITH NAZARD 2 2/3        

Bourdon             16        

Great to Pedal    
Swell to Pedal    
Swell to Great    
Swell to Great at Octave     

Bellows Signal    

Swell Tremulant     

Original cost $1500   with %5, $75 charge deducted/ and $50 deducted for another 
reason so church paid a final charge of  $1375.   Information from original Organ     
Contract specifying "Specification No. 25."

[Received on line from Kristin Farmer January16, 2009.]
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