Negaunee, Michigan
Mitchell United Methodist Church

American Organ Supply Co., ca. 1950
Two manuals, 14 ranks
Main windchests replaced by Roscoe Wheeler in 1987
   (duplicates of original chests, no changes to specifications)
Converted to solid-state control and Chimes added by Roscoe Wheeler in 2000
Enclosed in twin chambers flanking chancel

GREAT (enclosed, expressive)
8' Open Diapason (metal, bottom 11 painted gold but enclosed in chambers)
8' Melodia (wood & metal)
8' Dulciana (metal)
4' Principal (metal)
4' Flute d'Amour (wood & metal)
   Chimes (21 tubes, electric action, Deagan)
16' Great to Great
4' Great to Great
16' Swell to Great
8' Swell to Great
4' Swell to Great

SWELL (enclosed, expressive)
8' Stopped Diapason (unit action)(wood & metal)
8' Salicional (metal)
8' Voix Celeste TC (metal)
8' Aeoline (metal, stopped basses)
4' Octave (metal)
4' Stopped Flute (from Stopped Diapason)
4' Harmonic Flute (metal)
2-2/3' Nazard (from Stopped Diapason)
2' Piccolo (from Stopped Diapason)
8' Trumpet (1-32 unit action)(metal, upper 12 notes labial pipes)
8' Oboe (1-44 unit action) (metal, upper 12 notes labial pipes)
16' Swell to Swell
   Swell Unison Off
4' Swell to Swell

16' Bourdon (unit action, enclosed with Great)
16' Lieblich Gedackt (12 pipes, remainder from Stopped Diapason
                      enclosed with Swell)
8' Octave Bass (from 16' Bourdon)
8' Gedackt (from Stopped Diapason)
4' Flute (from Stopped Diapason)
8' Trumpet (from Swell)
4' Oboe (from Swell)
8' Great to Pedal
8' Swell to Pedal
4' Swell to Pedal

Six General thumb pistons, duplicated by toe pistons
Six Great divisional thumb pistons
Six Swell divisional thumb pistons
Six Pedal divisional thumb pistons
Combination Set thumb piston
General Cancel thumb piston
Great to Pedal reversible thumb piston, duplicated by toe piston
Swell to Pedal reversible thumb piston
Eight-level combination action with rotary selector knob
Five-point volume control for Chimes
Sforzando reversible thumb piston, duplicated by toe piston
Sforzando indicator light
Multi-stage Crescendo Pedal with indicator light
Wind indicator light

 [Received from Shawn P. Keith 2015-01-11.]
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