Indianapolis, Indiana
St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church

Wicks Organ Company   Opus 26   1910
2 manuals, 10 stops, 10 ranks

         GREAT ORGAN
      8' Open Diapason       61
      8' Melodia             61  (wood)
      8' Dulciana            61
      4' Octave              61

         SWELL ORGAN
      8' Violin Diapason     61
      8' Stopped Diapason    61  (wood)
      8' Salicional          61
      4' Flute Harmonic      61
      2' Piccolo             61

         PEDAL ORGAN
     16' Bourdon             30  (wood)

         Great to Pedal
         Swell to Pedal
         Great Super Octave to Great
         Swell Sub Octave to Great
         Swell to Great
         Swell Super Octave to Great
         Swell to Swell Sub Octave
         Swell to Swell Super Octave

         COMBINATIONS (pneumatic pistons)
         Swell and Pedal Piano
         Swell and Pedal Forte
         Swell and Pedal Release
         Great and Pedal Piano
         Great and Pedal Forte
         Great and Pedal Release

         Balanced Swell Pedal
           (to right of Crescendo Pedal)
         Balanced Crescendo Pedal
           (with indicator)
         Wind indicator
         "Blowing Lever and Electric Motor"

[Received from Steven E. Lawson  2015-07-13]

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