Seattle, Washington
University Temple United Methodist Church - Sander Chapel

WERNER BOSCH, Opus 518, 1968 - Original Specifications

HAUPTWERK – I                                COUPLERS (Labeled; l-r; hitch-down)
   8'   Principal                   56          II – P
   8'   Gedeckt                     56          I – P
   4'   Oktave                      56
   4'   Koppelflöte                 56
   2'   Flachflöte                  56          M II - I
   IV   Mixtur 1⅓                  224
   8'   Trompete                    56
                                             PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                                Schwellwerk Expression       (bal.)
SCHWELLWERK – II (Expressive)
   8'   Spitzgedackt                56
   4'   Rohrflöte                   56
   2'   Principal                   56
   II   Sesquialter    [12-17]     112

   16'  Subbass                     32

ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop     VOICES: 12     STOPS: 12     RANKS: 16     PIPES: 872

The organ was originally built for St. Bernadette's R.C. Church in Burien/Seattle and
was installed there by Glen White of Olympic Organ Builders. It is free-standing and
encased with a detached console. The 5-sectional façade contains notes 1-39 of the
Hauptwerk 8' Principal arranged: 7 – 10 – 5 - 10 – 7.

The Bosch was replaced at St. Bernadette's with an electronic organ and was subsequently
sold to University Temple United Methodist Church in Seattle for $15,000.00. It was removed
from St. Bernadette's, refurbished, and re-erected in Sander Chapel at University Temple
United Methodist Church in 2003 by Frans W.M. Bosman of Mosier, Oregon. The total project
cost including purchase price was $100,000.00. It is installed in the front, left corner
of the chapel and replaced a former pipe organ which was a conglomerate instrument once
installed in the Seattle residence of C.M. “Sandy” Balcom – founder of Balcom and Vaughan
Pipe Organs of Seattle, Washington. That organ was purchased by the Pipe Organ Foundation
of Mercer Island, Washington under the direction of Dr. Carl Dodrill, and was re-installed
at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Issaquah, Washington.

Sources: Werner Bosch opus list; extant, re-installed organ; Balcom and Vaughan
         opus list; James R. Stettner

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2015-08-24.]
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