Mt. Savage, Maryland
St. Patrick's RC Church

Henry Erben, 1856

Manual: 56 notes CC-g'''
Enclosed in Swell

Open Diapason (8') tf
Stopped Diapason (8') tf
Dulciana (8') tf
Bell Gamba* (8') tf - label missing
Stopped Diapason Bass (8') CC-e
Principal* (4')
Flageolet* (4')
Pedals (coupler)

Pedal: 20 notes CC-g

Electric blower in tower behind organ

*Controlled by machine stop. Separate "on" and "off" levers over pedals.
Hardware not original.

Swell by lever (not hitch down) to right of pedals. Normally closed. Does
not appear to be original hardware.

Feeder bellows intact, lever on right side of case.

Organ may have originally been built for St. Ignatius Church, Arnold's Settement (post office changed name to Mt. Savage in 1847). Present church dates from 1863.

Organ cleaned ca. 1975 by employees of M.P. Möller.

[Received from Carl Schwartz 2015-11-07.]
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