Kirkland, Washington
St. John's Episcopal Church

Robert J. Reich, 1958 - Tonal Changes
Olympic Organ Builders, 1974 - Re-installation
Richard L. Bond, 1979 - Refurbishing and Tonal Revisions

GREAT                                        COUPLERS
   8     Principal Diapason         61          Swell to Peds.  [mech. finger piston]
   8     Viola Dolce                61          Great to Peds.  [mech. finger piston]
   8     Flautileno                 61
   4     Octava Acuta               61          Swell to Great  [mech. finger piston]
   4     Flauto Soave               61
   2-2/3 Quinta Octava      [prep]  --          Sw. Sub 8ve to Gt.       [hitch-down]
   2     Octavino           [prep]  --          Sw. 8ve's to Gt.         [hitch-down]
   III   Ripieno   [15-19-22]      183

                                             FINGER PISTONS (Mechanical)
SWELL (Expressive)                              Swell to Peds.                 On/Off
   16    Contra Viola         (tc)  49          Great to Peds.                 On/Off
   8     Viola Principale           56          Swell to Great                 On/Off
   8     Doppel Flöte               61          Swell Tremolo                  On/Off
   8     Dolciano                   61
   4     Octava Clara               61
   4     Hohlpfeife                 61       FOOT LEVERS (Labeled; l - r)
   2     Quincena                   61          Gt P.P. - 8' Flaut., 4' Oct. Acuta
   1-1/3 Nonodecima                 61
   8     Corno di Cappella          61          Gt F.F. - 8' P.D., 8' Fl., 4' O.A, III

                                                Sw. Sub to GT.                  (h-d)   
PEDAL                                           Sw. 8ve's to GT.                (h-d)
   16   Bordone Principale          27
   16   Lieblich Gedeckt            27          Sw. P. - 8' V.P., 4' O.C., 2' Quincena
   8    Flauto Basso                --                   
                                                Sw. F. - 8' V.P., 4' O.C., 2, 1-1/3,
                                                         8' Corno; Ped. 16' Lieb. Ged.

                                             PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                                Swell Expression               (bal.)

ACTION: Mech Key & Stop     VOICES: 17     STOPS: 17     RANKS: 19     PIPES: 1,067

The organ was given to the church as a memorial to Lucretia Buttrick (1801-1892) by her son
James G. Buttrick. It was originally hand-pumped until a Meidinger blower was installed.

In 1958, then organist Robert J. Reich of the Andover Organ Co. made several tonal changes.
The Great 8' Flauto Concerto was removed in favor of a III Ripieno. The 8' Flautileno which
had always shared the bass of the Flauto Concerto received the bass pipes. On the Swell, the
8' Viola Ætheria was cut-down at-scale, and revoiced to become a 4' Octava Clara. Also cut-
down at-scale were the 4' Salicetto Dolce which became a 2' Quincena; and the 2' Violettino
became a 1-1/3' Nondecima.

In 1969, the property had been acquired by the Montefiore Synagogue. But it was a short-lived
ownership. In 1970, the building was razed for freeway construction. The Cole and Woodberry
was purchased by organ buff James Merriman. He photographed it in the church and recorded its
sound before its removal, and then it was placed in storage with the Andover Organ Co. in
Methuen, Massachusetts.

In 1973, St. John's Episcopal in Kirkland, WA. Began its first Project Reaffirmation Capital
Fund Drive. One part of this was the desire to acquire a better organ, though a pipe organ was
not conceived to be an affordable part of the budget. But through the Organ Clearing House,
the church learned of the Cole & Woodberry, and was put in contact with James Merriman, who
sold the organ for $2,500.00. The Vestry agreed to the purchase in January, 1974. Shipping
costs were $3,200.00, and reinstallation was another $2,800.00 for a total of $8,500.00. Julia
Kissell of Seattle who was a member of the Organ Historical Society and friends with the Hayman
family was instrumental in helping to locate the organ.

The organ's 10,000 lbs. of pipes and parts arrived on Maundy Thursday, and it was distributed
in the undercroft for sorting and staging. Glenn D. White of Olympic Organ Builders in Seattle
supervised reconstruction assisted by many volunteers over a 5 month period. Large components
like the windchests were hoisted into the loft by crane through a removed window. On September
29, 1974 – the organ was dedicated in concert by Swiss organist Guy Bovet.

In 1979, Richard L. Bond of Portland, Oregon was retained to do some refurbishing of the organ
which had been installed “as is.” While the tonal concept of the organ was retained, some
pipes were replaced. Others were added to complete existing ranks. Slide tuners were added.
The Swell Tremolo was repaired. Pallets were re-covered. The couplers were repaired. And the
organ was tonally refinished and tuned.

After completion of the work, another dedicatory recital was given. Scott Shaw, a senior organ
performance major at the University of Washington and organist of St. Paul's Episcopal in
Seattle was the guest recitalist.

Sources: 1980 OHS Convention Handbook; phone conversation with Robert J. Reich; church records;
         JRS; extant organ.

 [Received from james R. Stettner 2015-12-08.]
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