Portland, Oregon
St. Paul's Lutheran Church

M.P. MÖLLER, Opus 11025, 1974 
Marceau & Associates, Opus 10, 1994 - Rückpositiv Division & Tonal Changes

GREAT (Expressive - Right)                   COUPLERS
   8     Principal                  61          Swell to Pedal                    8
   8     Gedeckt              (RP)  61          Great to Pedal                    8
   8     Salicional           (Sw)  --
   4     Prestant             (RP)  61          Swell to Great                    8
   4     Gedeckt Flöte        (RP)  12
   2     Octave               (RP)  12
   III   Cornet 2-2/3              183       FINGER PISTONS
   III   Mixture 1-1/3        (RP) 183          General                      1  - 4
   8     Trompette            (Sw)  --
   8     Trichter Regal       (RP)  61
         Tremulant                           TOE STUDS

SWELL (Expressive – Left)
   8     Principal            (Gt)  --       PEDAL MOVEMENTS (l - r)
   8     Rohr Flöte                 61          Swell Expression             (bal.)
   8     Salicional                 61          Great Expression             (bal.)
   8     Voix Celeste         (tc)  49          Crescendo                    (bal.)
   4     Spitz Principal   (in Gt)  61
   4     Rohr Flöte                 12
   2     Spitz Octave      (in Gt)  12
   1-1/3 Larigot                    30
   III   Cornet  2-2/3        (Gt)  --          
   8     Trompette                  61

PEDAL (Expressive – Right)                  ACTION: E-P unit
   16    Bourdon                    32
   8     Principal            (Gt)  --      VOICES: 13
   8     Holz Gedeckt               12
   4     Octave             (Gt 8)  --      STOPS: 28
   4     Holz Gedeckt               12
   16    Contre Trompette     (Sw)  12      RANKS: 17
   8     Trompette            (Sw)  --
   4     Clarion              (Sw)  --      PIPES: 1,049

This was a project of enlarging the original 1974 Moller “Double Artiste” without
losing any of the choir gallery floor space. The solution was to cantilever part
of the Great division on the gallery rail as a Rückpositiv section. A new electro-
pneumatic unit chest for this division was provided, and a handsome case holds the
4'/2' Prestant, 8'/4' Gedeckt, III Mixture, and 8' Trichter Regal.

The 4' Prestant unit is new, and has its first 29 pipes in the 5-sectional façade,
which is arranged: 4 - 8 - 5 - 8 – 4. The original III Mixture stop was moved from
the Möller Great enclosure to the new Rückpositiv section, but the pipes are new
and of a higher starting composition than the original. The 8'/4' Gedeckt stop is
also relocated from the original Great enclosure. The bass octave is recycled stop-
ped wooden pipes which have had their cut-ups lowered with metal plates. The capped
metal pipes begin at 4' C and are recycled Stinkens pipework. The 8' Trichter Regal
is also relocated from the Great enclosure to the Rückpositiv case. It was originally
a 4' register, so Marceau & Associates had Trivo build a new 8' bass for the existing
rank. The 21-note set of Maas chimes plays on the Great and is controlled solely by
the On/Off/Volume switch. It's compass is tenor A (note 22) thru f 42.

In the Swell, the 8' Salicional replaced the original 8' Gemshorn. The tenor c 8' Voix
Celeste occupies the original 4' Spitz Principal chest – requiring that rank to be re-
located to the Great enclosure – even though it only plays on the Swell at 4' & 2'
pitches.  The 1-1/3' Larigot was originally an extension of the Gemshorn unit, so it is
incomplete at present – playing from bass CC thru f 30. The Trompette unit is original.

The original Moller Pedal had no independent registers. But in this revision, the orig-
inal Moller Great Bourdon/Gedeckt rank was retained as a 16-8-4 unit playing only on the
Pedal. All other Pedal stops are borrows from the Great and Swell.

All of the switching is electro-mechanical inside the console.

Sources: Extant organ; Rene Marceau; JRS; extant organ

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2016-02-25.]
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