Lincoln, Nebraska
North American Martyrs Catholic Church

VAN DAALEN, Opus ___, 1978 Original Specifications

GREAT                                        COUPLERS (drawknob & h-d)
   8'     Praestant                             Great to Pedal
   8'     Rohrflute                             Brustwerk to Pedal
   4'     Octave
   4'     Spillflute                            Brustwerk to Great
   2'     Blockflute
   IV     Mixture
   8'     Trompet                            HITCH-DOWNS (labeled; l - r)
                                                Great to Pedal
                                                Brustw. to Pedal
BRUSTWERK (Expressive)                          Brustw. to Great
   8'     Gedackt
   4'     Gemshorn
   2'     Principal                          PEDAL MOVEMENTS
   1-1/3' Quint                                 Brustwerk Expression         (bal.)
   8'     Muset   [sic]

PEDAL                                        ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop
   16'    Bourdon
   8'     Principal                          VOICES: 16         STOPS: 16
   4'     Choral Bass
   16'    Fagotto                            RANKS: 19          PIPES: _____ 

This organ was originally built for Sheridan Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE. It was
moved here to North American Martyrs in ____. The keydesk is attached and projecting
without cover. Stops are as drawknobs in diagonal rows on flat jambs on both sides
of the keydesk. The Brustwerk expression is four, center-hinged, solid wood sliding
panels controlled by a swell shoe. The fa├žade contains 29 pipes arranged: 7-5-5-5-7.

Sources: OHS Database account and photos

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2016-03-13.]
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